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Ilford’s Arslan ‘followed woman from Pakistan to UK, then suffocated her’

Hina Bashir

Muhammad Arslan, 27, of Natal Road, Ilford, stands accused of murdering 21 year old Hina Bashir, by suffocating her with a face mask after following her from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

Muhammad Arslan and Hina both lived in the same village in Pakistan, but she relocated to London to further her education in Business Management in November 2021.

Arslan later relocated to the UK in 2022, firstly residing in Sussex before moving to a property on Natal Road, Ilford, near Hina. The court heard he informed his housemates that he was ‘in love with, and engaged to, a woman from Pakistan who moved to the UK’.

“However, it appears she did not want to be with him and in fact she had a relationship after she came here with another young man,” The prosecution said. 

The court heard that at approximately 10:30pm on July 11th last year Hina went to Arslan’s house to collect some belongings but she never left. The following morning Arslan was seen dragging a suitcase out of his house.

“He got a taxi to an industrial estate and left the suitcase in some undergrowth down a narrow lane” Mr Patterson of the prosecution said. 

“In due course the suitcase was discovered and opened, revealing squeezed inside it the dead body of Hina Bashir,” Mr Paterson said. 

Asphyxia was determined to be the cause of death after a facemask was forced into her mouth, forcing her tongue back and preventing her from inhaling.

The court heard that facemasks matching the pattern of the one in her mouth were subsequently discovered in Arslan’s home.

When police questioned Arslan, he denied awareness of Hina’s whereabouts but admitted that she had formerly been a resident of his hometown in Pakistan.

Mr. Patterson reported that Arslan insisted he had never had a romantic relationship with her and did not love her.

The court heard that police later discovered communications on his phone declaring his intense love for Hina and desire to marry her. The phone also contained communications between Arslan and another man, in which the other man implied that Hina was engaged to him instead of Arslan.

The court heard that after speaking with police, he allegedly sent messages to others about Hina, saying “I don’t know how many boyfriends she has here” and “she kept me in the forefront of them all as a showpiece.”

After Arslan pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the day of his murder trial, Mr Patterson said: “We will have to wait and see if he gives evidence and if so, what explanation he now gives for her death.” 

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“How do you assess a person’s intent? You look at what he did before, during and after the incident,” Mr Patterson continued. 

“The prosecution say that you only have to think for a moment about what must have been done by her attacker, to realise that whoever did that, must have been trying, over whatever length of time it took, to stop her breathing. Those actions clearly show an intention to kill.” 

The trial continues. 

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