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Ilford’s Malik ‘fights off man who attacked police officer in Romford’

Zakir Malik

Zakir Malik, 33, a covid test site manager from Ilford, received a commendation from the Chief Constable of the British Transport Police, after he bravely defended a police officer who was under attack and stabbed in the head and neck.

In Romford, Zakir Malik picked up a traffic cone to prevent the attack further injuring the officer who was “bleeding” and “shaking”. The attacker became scared and ran into an alleyway, leaving Malik to check over the officer. Police then arrived and the last he saw was him being transported into an ambulance and leaving.

After nearly a year, Zakir, in ‘suprise’ and ‘confusion’ received a letter informing him he would receive an award for outstanding bravely. He describes it being natural instinct to protect the man, even though it was such a scary thing for him to witness.

Zakir, a Covid test site manager, said: “It was a very scary thing to see. We had just had our lunch in our office and heard a little bit of a commotion outside the window of our office. It was one of the British Transport Police officers being attacked by a male with two broken glass bottles.

I remember opening my office door, looking out and seeing two males fighting on the floor and just literally went into tunnel vision mode and just didn’t see anything else but how to save them.” Police had been called to Romford train station after reports of a man trespassing on the tracks who then assaulted the officer.

Zakir Malik
Zakir Malik holding the award with Chief Constable Lucy D’Orsi //BTP

I hit the guy a few times so I made a distance between the attacker and the police officer. When he tried to run away from me, I chased him carrying a traffic cone and he ran into an alleyway. I chased him to the bottom of the alleyway and then another two police officers came and he attacked another police officer with the bottle.”

I thought, ‘oh my God. What’s happened to that police officer?’, and then I ran back onto my test site. He was covered in blood. He was shaking. He was scared. He had been stabbed all on the back of his head.”

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said: “Officers were called to the line in Romford on 2 March 2022 following reports of a man trespassing on the tracks. When the first officer arrived on scene, he was violently attacked by the man with a glass bottle, suffering a number of deep lacerations to his head and a stab wound to his neck which resulted in him suffering an arterial bleed.

Members of staff from a nearby Covid testing site bravely came to help and the man ran off where he was located by two other officers. He assaulted a second officer with a bottle resulting in a laceration to his head and threatened a third officer, and was eventually arrested.

Zakir Malik, his niece, and brother
Zakir Malik, his niece, and brother //BTP

He was sentenced to a hospital order on 1 November after pleading guilty to two counts of GBH with intent, threatening a person with an offensive weapon, two counts of possessing an offensive weapon and possession of cannabis. The first officer who was attacked is still recovering from the incident at home.”

Zakir found his reaction second nature, particularly because of his background of security work.

“Then I received an email saying you’ve been awarded a commendation award from the Chief Constable for British Transport Police. I was a little bit shocked if I’m honest. I was a little bit shocked, a little bit surprised and a little bit confused.

I didn’t really understand what was happening until I spoke to somebody and they explained to me it was a nice thing to receive the recognition for outstanding bravery. I’ve always tried to ensure that you know if there’s something I can do to help somebody or stop something, or if there’s something that I feel like I can assist in, I would always get involved in it.”

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