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Ilford’s Maxen Power Supply fined £120,000 in breach of ‘Do Not Call’ register

  • Maxen Power Supply Limited, of IG1 1BA

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Maxen Power Supply, an energy company based in Ilford, has been fined £120,000 for unlawfully contacting people on UK’s official ‘do not call’ register with marketing calls. The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) allows people to list their phone numbers as ‘off-limits’ to unsolicited calls from companies.

Maxen Power Supply representatives pretended to be from other organisations while making the unlawful marketing calls to companies and individuals.

Over 100 complaints were filed with The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about being bombarded with these unsolicited calls, prompting an investigation.

The ICO discovered people on TPS’ register were not only receiving calls, but several calls on the same day, featuring particularly ‘aggressive’ marketing tactics that could lead to financial damage.

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Additionally, the Ilford energy company were launching these campaigns from overseas call centres that alleged to be from the National Grid, and in some cases, the victim’s existing energy supplier.

The company stated that switching contracts might help individuals save money on their energy bills, while also requesting information about their existing supplier and metre readings.

The Ilford energy company attempted to deflect responsibility, alleging these international call centres were ‘independent contractors’ and ‘third party intermediaries’.

Andy Curry, ICO head of investigations, said: “Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable after simply answering the phone.

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“People and businesses register with the TPS and CTPS for a clear reason; to stop unwanted marketing calls and protect their privacy.

“These companies have not only broken the law by failing to check the ‘do not call’ register, but also caused distress and potential financial damage to businesses on the receiving end of their deceptive sales tactics.

“In the case of Maxen Power Supply Ltd, there is no way of knowing just how many unlawful calls were made due to the use of false company names and ‘spoofed’ caller identities (CLIs).

“This fine should send a clear message that companies cannot avoid the law and avoid detection by the use of third-parties and overseas call centres.

“The ICO will continue to take action to ensure both the public and UK businesses are protected.”

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