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Jolie Fortuna ‘labelled man she’d never met a sex offender in viral social media post’

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Jolie Fortuna

Depraved Jolie Fortuna, of Harlesden Road, Brent, NW10 3SD, endeavored to make a malicious social media post brandishing a stranger a sex offender go viral on social media in August 2021, in actions similar to Eleanor Williams. The victim-survivor has started a petition to encourage legislative change in the United Kingdom. We’ve previously discussed Fortuna’s criminal group SexyLadyMassive.

UPDATE: A child has now gone on video to accuse Fortuna of rape, false imprisonment, and sexual assault.

In what has been described as a concerted effort to ‘ruin a stranger’s life’, Jolie Fortuna crafted a convincing Instagram post that included an image of Aaron (not his real name), his full legal name, the part of London he lived in with his family, his social media handles, and where he worked – taken from his LinkedIn profile. The caption was an assertion that he was a serious sex offender, and it featured a link to a long-length Wordpress article.

The WordPress article was an extensive description of criminal conduct against women, and included images taken from pornographic websites which she alleged was footage she had taken from his electronic devices, despite some being of a white male whereas Aaron is a black male.

A recreation of the social media post Fortuna made
A recreation of part of the social media post

Fortuna and Aaron had never met or communicated with one another in any capacity; they shared no similar social circles, and are of different age groups. They appear to have never crossed paths in any way, and were complete strangers to each other. Thus, there has never been a clear motive for why she targeted him.

Fortuna made serious criminal allegations against Aaron despite him never being investigated, arrested, charged, or convicted for these crimes. She also never reported any of these matters to the police.

Later in the year Fortuna gained unlawful access to his social media accounts, and she began releasing private, intimate multimedia he had shared with romantic partners. Some showed him completely naked and she began circulating these online.

The posts she made began getting viral attention in London, as people thought she was a genuine victim of crime. She then capitalised off her growing social media presence by heading into the events industry.

Aaron’s mother first heard of the malicious social media claims when the Metropolitan Police issued her with an Osman warning, which is an ‘imminent threat to life’ warning. The police advised Aaron and his family to temporarily relocate outside London.

Fortuna's actions led to an osman warning

Aaron chose not to relocate as he was adamant to prove his innocence, and his mother was unable to as she suffers from a debilitating disability. She spoke exclusively to The Evening Wiki: “That period of my life was one of the most difficult I have ever had. I hardly slept.”

“Any little knock at the door would make my heart vibrate, because I thought somebody would break into my home. The home I’ve worked all my life to finally own.”

“That girl took away my self-esteem, my happiness, my peace of mind. I had large bags under my eyes for most of that year.”

“Towards the end of 2021 I lost my sister. She died very abruptly and it was hard to properly grieve her at the time. I’m still dealing with it and trying to move forward positively in her memory. She was like my best friend and she had a beautiful soul.”

“I don’t have much I can say positively or constructively about that girl. I find it hard to even say her name. I remember times I would stay up all night, flickering through the TV, alone in my house while my husband was at work because I just could not sleep. The next day I would do it all over again.”

“Till this day I’ve still not completely recovered. Any knock at my door scares me. I’m still constantly living in fear even though I know it may not be rational at this point. But I can’t help it. She’s changed my life forever.”

Jordan Trengove, a victim of Eleanor Williams who also spread malicious sexual assault allegations
Jordan Trengove, a victim-survivor of Eleanor Williams, tried to commit suicide because of her malicious rape claims (Image: The Guardian)

We managed to get in contact with Aaron and he had the following to say: “As you can imagine, for some time this was quite difficult for me to talk about. But not anymore. Seeing what other men have gone through gave me strength that it is time we do something about it.”

“In 2021 I did not take my life or allow myself to be consumed with anxiety or depression, because I had faith. I had faith that karma would correct the status quo.”

“I did not want to allow Jolie to take any satisfaction from the crime she enacted upon me and my family, because I knew that was what she wanted. That could be the only possible reason why this woman would do this. She must get off on doing this type of thing to men.”

“This is now my life’s work. I will dedicate part of my life to encouraging social and legislative change around malicious criminal allegations, because in this digital, social media world, it is one of the most dangerous weapons we have. And it is not policed enough.”

“We need to protect people from this type of abuse, because as we’ve seen in the press lately, it can have such a serious impact on people.”

“I believe it takes someone truly sick, truly insane, truly disgusting to accuse somebody of a crime as emotionally provocative as sexual assault on a global stage when you know full well they did nothing of the sort. You are the lowest of the low. And you should be in prison serving a lengthy sentence.”

“My mission has nothing to do with unproven allegations. It’s about allegations that are of a clear malicious nature. I call it sexual defamation. And it needs to be a criminal, not just civil offence in Britain in order to give the police more power in policing it.”

“It’s tricky to make defamation as a whole a crime, and I’ll save you from the argument, but sexual defamation, due to the extreme reputational damage and impact on the victim, should fall within criminal conduct. The pros outweigh the cons because this can’t continue.”

“You should not be able to murder a man and face no legal repercussions.”

“People avoid charges of wasting police time, perverting the course of justice, and malicious communication for various reasons. Sexual defamation would make the demonstrable veracity of the claims the focal point as opposed to the intent behind making them.”

Fortuna began to circulate his private multimedia on social media (Image: Stock)

As the abuse progressed, Aaron became aware of several ‘copycat’ profiles of himself appearing on several social media platforms. Although the Wordpress article and Instagram posts featured revealing images of himself, he was horrified to be informed images and videos of him completely naked were being circulated in efforts to impersonate him.

On Instagram Fortuna created a profile in his name and started following everybody that followed him on his genuine profiles, and Aaron’s girlfriend at the time was part of the list. She received a request from the fake profile, and after accepting it, was immediately sent a sexual video featuring Aaron. The woman immediately knew the profile was fake as Aaron was on the way to her home address in Brixton, and the profile claimed the video was just taken.

The impersonation of Aaron and circulation of his sexualised multimedia was a calculated act, designed to legitimise her false social media post, as it raised further alarm amongst women in London, because it falsely demonstrated that he was in fact involved in predatory behaviour, leading to even further social media virality.

The Metropolitan Police were closely monitoring the situation, and upon noticing the escalation they investigated the profiles and quickly identified they were not linked to him. In response, two officers attended his home address to conduct a welfare check and informed him it would be wise to take all of his social media profiles offline to hinder efforts to impersonate him.

At this time, they were still unable to take any police action against anybody involved because they ‘did not have enough evidence for an arrest for any of these alleged crimes’.

People are weaponising social media more than ever before to victimise people of their choice (Image: NWE Mail)

Towards the end of 2021, Aaron began being stalked by a man who alleged to be part of an online vigilante group that catches sexual predators. He was handed a custodial sentence in 2022 but due to reporting restrictions he cannot be identified.

“Whenever I think about her I just get angry. It’s been years but I still get angry. You spread this all over the internet. Why? For what reason? There are so many questions with absolutely no answers. You didn’t just do this to me. You did this to my mother, my father, my sisters, and you just get to walk away scot free?”

“My father’s income supports an entire community. His business is successful and he recruits people from deprived countries, offering them the chance at a permanent stay in the United Kingdom. Jolie’s actions took a toll on him, as he was so scared her actions would threaten his ability to trade locally. Over time he developed stress-induced ailments.”

“Her disgusting actions impacted my entire family.”

You can sign Aaron’s petition here: https://chng.it/5kNcFBdMJG

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