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Kaya Fortuna ‘called businesses falsely claiming their CEO was a sex-offender’, despite never meeting them

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Kaya Fortuna

Originally released on Evening Wiki, ‘wicked’ and ‘immatureKaya Fortuna, of 195 Harlesden Road, Brent, NW10 3SD, brandished strangers whose information she found online sex offenders, in actions similar to her daughter, Jolie Fortuna, whose actions shocked Londoners after her victim-survivor spoke publicly. Jolie’s victim-survivor is campaigning for legislative change in the United Kingdom.

At roughly 5pm on July 17 2023, the Donnington Primary School librarian and online Mathematics tutor called Dagenham-based businesses, falsely telling the call handlers that either their CEO or the CEO of a business they were connected to was a sex-offender.

One call handler immediately notified senior members of staff, who immediately attempted to contact Kaya but she immediately blocked their number once she realised what the contact was regarding.

A text thread of Kaya's malicious communications
Kaya immediately blocked the member of staff from contacting her (Image: OC)

In an effort to cause negative reputational damage and financial loss, Kaya stressed that they should not be working for or with the businesses in question, and left no further information. She refused to leave any identifying information, such as a name or address, and did not accuse the CEOs of any specific crimes.

After several malicious calls, Kaya was only identified after a forensic investigation concluded that the phone number ending in 2625 was registered to her, and her voice matched the one heard in the recorded calls.

Kaya worked at Donnington Primary School
The mother from Brent has spent her life working with impressionable young people (Image: Google)

Kaya and the various CEOs of these businesses have never met or communicated with one another in any capacity; they share no similar social circles and are of vastly different age groups. They appear to have never crossed paths in any way and are complete strangers to each other.

Jolie Fortuna
Jolies crimes sparked national outrage (Image: OC)

A suggested motivation is that her daughter, rape fantasist Jolie Fortuna, has recently gone viral on social media and faced extreme public backlash for spreading a false social media post brandishing a man who she had never met as a sex offender. Her daughter ‘teared a family apart, driving them to depression’, as the victim-survivor’s mother described how Jolie ‘took away her home’.

It has been suggested Kaya’s actions were a childish, immature attempt to cause alarm and distress, in addition to reputational damage to people and/or companies in support of the victims of her daughter’s actions.

Aliyah Shah, a receptionist who answered one of Kaya’s malicious calls, was offended by her actions and said she deserves a prison sentence: “I have people who are close to me who have been victims of serious sexual assaults. This is not something to joke about or to make false accusations about. It makes women less likely to be believed in future. People that do things like this needs to be prosecuted for their actions because it is unacceptable.”

Wilfred Cox, CEO of one of the targeted businesses said he was “astounded” to be told his harasser was a qualified teacher: “I expected this to be some low-life who did not have much going for them. To hear this was a middle-aged woman, a mother, who has a life-long career in teaching at both a primary and secondary school level absolutely astounded me.”

“Teachers influence a generation. What type of values is she instilling in young people if she thinks its okay to go around falsely labeling people who she has never met sex offenders? Now more than ever I support the petition about the disgusting actions of her daughter. This family has some serious issues.”

One of the CEOs who only wants to be named as Naomi, said women like Kaya and her daughter are a “cancer” in society.

Jolie Fortuna
Jolie Fortunas actions wrecked havoc on an innocent family (Image: OC)

The victim-survivor of her daughter’s actions, Aaron, has started a petition to encourage social and legislative change in the United Kingdom, and Transparency has started an international False Allegations Database to raise social awareness and provide support for victims.

Upon hearing of Kaya’s actions, Aaron had the following to say: “Kaya’s actions had the potential to traumatise hundreds of innocent people with the consequences of a false accusation, emotionally and physically. It is because of people like this that we must be more proactive in identifying those who go out of their way to commit such atrocities, and circulate them as widely as possible so they cannot impact others in this way.”

“I must add, there is something seriously wrong with this family, and I hope her employers investigate her conduct, particularly as she is working with young people who cannot believe such actions are okay, and she represents the school’s values. It’s no wonder her daughter has caused the national outrage she has, with her escalating criminality since the COVID-19 pandemic.”

To sign Aaron’s petition click here: https://chng.it/fqH5QKZsjW

To visit the international False Allegations Database click here: https://falseallegations.org.uk/

We have reached out to several organisations in connection with this story, and it is likely an update will be provided at some point in future.

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