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Khan denies Lakeside murder of Rainham dad

Michael Ugwa murder lakeside

Muhammed Khan, 23, of Ilford, and Brandon Lutchmunsing, 19, of Grafton Way, Dagenham, are on trial for the murder of Michael Ugwa, 29, a father of 3 of Rainham, at Lakeside Shopping Centre last year. They have both pled not-guilty and the trial is expected to last 6 weeks.

Muhammed Khan has admitted possession of a knife, while a third defendant, Shannon Weston, 21, of Paddocks Close, Canewood, is accused of assisting an offender. It is alleged she drove the accused murderers away from the area and helping them evade police as their investigation began.

Michael Ugwa was fatally stabbed in the chest in the food court of Lakeside Shopping Centre as onlookers watched horrified. Police cordoned off the area and began an urgent investigation throughout the evening.

Khan murdered Michael Ugwa at Lakeside
Police cordoned off the food court

Michael Ugwa’s mother said the father from Rainham was a “gift that kept on giving”. She said: “Michael was a kind man with a large personality and an even larger heart. He was special to a great many people and so it is with great sorrow that we are writing about his untimely passing.

Within his family, there isn’t a single person among us who doesn’t have a good story or fond memory of Michael and as we receive the condolences of many people. We are humbled by just how many lives he touched during his short stay on this earth.

As with many people, he was not a man without fault but, his desire to always try to better himself and strive for a brighter tomorrow made him a rich source of inspiration to not only his children, cousins, nieces and nephews but also to everyone who desired to see that silver lining.” His mother added that the family would “endure this pain forever”.

We will follow this trial as it progresses.

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