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Khan extradited from Pakistan for Officer’s murder in 2005

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Piran Ditta Khan murdered Sharon Sharon Beshenivsky

Piran Ditta Khan, 74, of Pakistan was extradited to the UK charged with murdering PC Sharon Beshenivsky, 38, mother of 5. His charges also include robbery, posession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, and posession of a phohibited weapon.

Khan’s charges were authorised in 2006 by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and since then, the country has been liaising with Pakistan to finalise the legal process for him to be returned to face the serious allegations.

Sharon Beshenivsky was murdered by Piran Ditta Khan
The late Sharon Beshenivsky //PA

Khan was arrested in 2020. The circumstances of the murder is that Beshenivsky was responding to a robbery at a travel agent in Morley Street, Bradford, and she was gunned down. Her partner, PC Teresa Millburn was also significantly injured.

Joanne Jakymec, chief crown prosecutor for the CPS, said: “A suspect wanted in connection with the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky in Bradford in 2005 has been extradited to the UK from Pakistan thanks to the continued hard work of prosecutors in the CPS’s extradition and international units.

Since Piran Ditta Khan was arrested in Pakistan in 2020, our specialist prosecutors have been working closely with our Pakistani partners to complete the legal process in the country so that he could be extradited back to England to face the allegations from almost 20 years ago.”

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