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Khan’s ULEZ in high court battle

Khan's ULEZ high court

Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ plans will be heard in the High Court later this year, after a judge granted a judicial review brought by several Tory-led council.

Four London borough councils – Hillingdon, Bexley, Bromley, Harrow, in addition to Surrey county council were permitted to formally challenge his plans in court.

Residents and small businesses have highlighted the potential financial implications, although TFL has argued only a small percentage of older vehicles will encounter the charge, which is £12.50 for diesels typically registered prior to 2015 and petrol cars prior to 2004.

The councils’ argument was founded on the allegation Khan failed to comply with relevant statutory requirements and did not consult on a £110m scrappage scheme which would help drivers transition to newer cars or public transportation services.

However, the councils did have 5 different grounds for their high court challenge, but the judiciary rejected 3 of those, and deemed the remaining two acceptable, but ‘on the cusp’ and ‘doubtful but arguable’.

ULEZ has been polarising and controversial

A spokesperson for Khan said: “The mayor is pleased to see the court has refused permission for the majority of the grounds. We will continue to robustly defend his life-saving decision to expand the Ulez and continue with preparations without delay.

“It is a shame that some local authorities have chosen to attempt this costly and misguided legal challenge instead of focusing on the health of those they represent. This is a health emergency and the mayor is not prepared to stand by and do nothing.”

Nick Rogers, the transport spokesperson for London assembly Conservatives, said: “The high court has now ruled there is sufficient evidence that Sadiq Khan’s Ulez decision may have been unlawful.

“Sadiq Khan should do the right thing, immediately stop work on his Ulez expansion, and explain his actions to the court.”

Those critical of the ULEZ expansion argue that in outer London public transportation alternatives are few and far between. In response, Khan said he would increase these services and recently launched the Superloop.

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