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Kotovas ‘tried to murder homeless man for no reason’

Egidijus Kotovas

Egidijus Kotovas, 29, a Nowegian national, was found guilty of attempted murder and possession of a knife following a trial at Southwark Crown Court. He has been sentenced to life with a minimum term of 14 years.

Jurors were told that Mehmed was sleeping on cardboard in a doorway on Blomfield Street at 4.10 a.m. on August 24, 2022, when Kostovas unleashed his violent attack. The man fell to obtain aid and was discovered face down outside a café in Bishopsgate by two uniformed officers with significant neck injuries.

Before the London Ambulance Service and the London Air Ambulance arrived, the officers administered first aid, and he was rushed to the Royal London Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Kostovas was recorded on CCTV wiping the blade of his knife on some nearby cardboard before departing the scene. He returned to the scene of the incident on his bike just minutes later before cycling out of the city.

He was detained within 24 hours of the attack after police spotted him riding his bike near the scene of the crime at 2 a.m. on August 25. The next day, he was charged, with forensic investigation revealing the victim’s DNA on blades discovered inside Kostovas’ backpack.

Mehmed is still recovering physically from the incident and is currently living in permanent housing. The court weighed Mehmed’s vulnerabilities as well as Kotovas’ past offences in Lithuania when sentencing him.

Detective Chief Inspector Jim Halkett, at the City of London Police, said: “This horrific incident kept me awake, as without doubt had he not been caught, Kovotas would have gone on to attack more vulnerable victims.

“The quick apprehension of Kovotas within 24 hours was down to diligent and meticulous work by our officers. Through DNA profiling and an overwhelming amount of evidence, we were able to secure this conviction and put this highly dangerous individual behind bars.

Egidijus Kotovas attacked a man near Liverpool Street Station
Mehmed was living in a doorway near Liverpool Street Station //UKNIP

“This was a savage and unprovoked attack on a vulnerable member of the public. I would also like to praise the quick response from our officers first at the scene, who administered immediate first aid, preventing this from being a murder investigation.”

Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Community and Children’s Services Committee, Ruby Syed, said: “This was a frightening attack on someone who was already vulnerable. I am however pleased that the victim has made a full recovery and that the offender has been sentenced.

“We are absolutely committed to addressing the root causes of homelessness and supporting rough sleepers into safe, long-term accommodation. Our Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Sub Committee is driving this work, and we aim to ensure that people who arrive on City streets spend no more than one night out.”

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