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London Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘suffering with PTSD’

Sadiq Khan PTSD

Sadiq Khan claimed today that he suffers from PTSD as a result of receiving frequent murder threats, to the extent that he now has presidential-level security around the clock.

The Labour politician concluded he had the disorder after engaging in ‘talking therapy’ with a psychiatrist with whom he plays tennis and discussing the ‘cumulative’ impact his recent difficulties had on his mental health.

He added that the Coronavirus pandemic had also affected him, alleging to have ‘lost [his] vitality’ during lockdown.

‘If this means I’m a snowflake, so be it, right? Mr Khan told the Guardian.

‘Mental health is fragile if it’s not looked after. And I shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it.’

Sadiq Khan PTSD
Sadiq Khan pictured with his security team

Mr. Khan asserted, however, that he was not comparing his experience to the extreme levels of PTSD experienced by refugees or individuals in similar situations as himself.

He stated, “I would never compare what I am going through to anything else, nor would I ever want people to feel sorry for me.” I am extremely fortunate to have the job that I do.

Since taking over City Hall from Boris Johnson, the mayor has overseen a number of disasters and terror incidents, including the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire.

During his time in office, he has received a great deal of criticism and insults, including from then-President Donald Trump on Twitter, to the point where he has received death threats, compelling him to increase his security detail.

Sadiq Khan security

Comparing his level of protection to that of King Charles or Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Mr Khan disclosed that going to the mosque or travelling on public transport is now a “nightmare” and that he must have bodyguards sit three rows behind him at the movies.

Regarding the 2017 Finsbury Park mosque attack, he stated, “The terrorist was looking for me.”

“Because he was unable to locate me, he decided to target Jeremy Corbyn and Muslims. Every time Trump says something derogatory about me, there is a tremendous increase in online animosity towards me.

Then there are Daesh (Islamic State) and al Qaida supporters who believe it is impossible to be both a Muslim and a Westerner; I hear this from both factions in relation to death threats.

Mr. Khan is seeking re-election for a third term as mayor of London, and he told The Guardian that he ultimately intends to serve six terms.

He has penned a book entitled Breathe: Tackling the Climate Emergency, in which he describes his intention to make London a cleaner city.

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