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London shooting ‘narrowly missed bus passengers leaving them terrified’

Alexander Kufour-Boateng

Alexander Kufour-Boateng, 29, of Linley Road, N17, was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for a drive-by shooting on Wood Green High Road where shots were fired from a car with false registration plates which narrowly missed a London bus.

The shot hit the victim’s leg and smashed through the rear window of a passing bus, nearly hitting passengers in the process. The man was rushed to hospital and luckily nobody on the bus was hit in the crossfire.

The shots emerged from a VW Golf that passed through Whymark Avenue then fled the scene, but was later identified as the driver, and arrested and charged with driving a motor vehicle dangerously, assisting an offender, and possession of a firearm.

Although the Met are not confident on who fired the shots in the vehicle, they are confident it came from the car Alexander was driving.

Alexander Kufour-Boateng drove through this street
Wood Green High Road

Detective Sergeant Michael Clinch, who led the investigation, said: “This case clearly demonstrates the dangers faced by innocent people due to gang crime and how important it is that we take illegal firearms, and those who use them, off our streets.”

“It was pure luck that nobody on the bus was injured. This could so easily have resulted in a homicide investigation.

“I am pleased that Kufour-Boateng will be off our streets for a significant time and I hope that anyone who has information relating to the carrying and use of weapons is compelled to come forward and share what they know.

“We can investigate the shootings after they happen, but only with help from the public can we take illegal weapons and those who use them off the streets.”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “During the trial the court heard that police were called at 18:47hrs on 25 January 2020, to a shooting on Wood Green High Road. Officers attended along with the London Ambulance Service.

Alexander Kufour-Boateng
Alexander Kufour-Boateng got 8 years imprisonment

“At the scene, a VW Golf, on false registration plates, was found to have travelled along Whymark Avenue, N22, stopping for shots to be fired from the vehicle at a man standing on the pavement at the junction with High Road, before fleeing the scene.

“A 28-year-old man was taken to hospital suffering a gunshot wound to his leg. It transpired that the bullet travelled through the victim’s leg before going through the rear window of a passing Route W4 bus, narrowly missing passengers seated at the back of the bus. Thankfully nobody on the bus was injured.”

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