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London’s Victor Adegboye ‘went on rampage at HMP Thameside’

Victor Adegboye

London’s Victor Adegboye, 25 (23/08/97), a cosmetics distributor of Rabbi International, of Swallow Close, Lewisham, SE14 5LZ, was convicted on July 20th 2022 at Croydon Magistrates Court.

There were a range of charges, such as: common assault x2, assault by beating x2, possession of a class B substance, and failing to surrender to bail, and he was handed 6 months imprisonment, whilst already serving a suspended sentence.

The offender previously was convicted for a variety of driving offences, such as aggravated vehicle taking, driving a car unsafe for road use without a license and insurance, and failing to comply with a community order.

Victor Adegboye lived a ‘pro-criminal’ lifestyle, where he was heavily involved in gang activity, drug use, and violence. He did work part-time for his family’s business Rabbi International who is spearhead by Emily Oluranti Adegboye.

Victor Adegboye

Violence at HMP Thameside

Victor Adegboye was at HMP Thameside
HMP Thameside

Speaking to The Evening Wiki, those housed at the same prison as Victor Adegboye report that he was a ‘highly unstable inmate’. He was forced to move to different house blocks on at-least 5 occasions, because on every house block he attempted to be violent to different inmates for little to no reason. The prisoners responded with violence leaving wing staff in fear for Adegboye’s life.

On one occasion a prisoner threw boiling hot water on Adegboye from a kettle, after he attempted to exercise ‘power and control’ over him. Another prisoner savagely beat him on the stairs between two landings. On another occasion Adegboye was forced to barricade himself in his cell after he stole food from another prisoner’s cell who worked on the servery.

This led to the offender eventually being housed on ‘A wing’ which is an induction wing where inmates are only meant to stay for 5-10 days before being moved elsewhere. Management felt keeping him here until the end of his sentence was the only way to keep him safe.

He repeatedly went as long as 3 weeks without showering and there were concerns that his mental health was deteriorating, however he refused any intervention efforts.

Eunice Adegboye
Eunice Adegboye

His sister, Eunice Adegboye, attempted on several occasions to make contact with him but he would not respond.

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