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Man ‘with 8 names’ opened bank accounts for organised crime


Ukachukwu Austin Dike, 45, of North London, was arrested at a property in Nicoll Circus, Mill Hill by the National Crime Agency, and his electronic devices were seized for examination. He was later charged with fraud and accused of using multiple driving licenses and fake identities to open bank accounts to faciliate organised crime.

Dike is accused of illegitimately obtaining the driving licenses, and then unlawfully using them to develop aliases and open accounts and companies to facilitate further serious organised crime. The NCA raided several properties linked to Dike in an effort to discover evidence of criminal activity.

Other names Dike would allegedly go by include Austin Ukachukwu Okafor, Austin Ukachukwu Dike, Austin Ukachukwu Dike – Okafor, Austin Dike-Okafor, Austin Okafor Dike, Austin Okafor Ukachukwu Okafor and Chuks Austin Dike.

David Smithers, Senior Investigating Officer at the NCA, said: “These types of offences are known to facilitate high-harm and high-volume fraud and are something we commonly see in romance fraud cases, where there is a need to launder the proceeds of crime.

“This latest action demonstrates the NCA’s Complex Financial Crime Teams continual mission to target persons engaged in fraud against UK victims.”

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