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Mayor responds to report of migrant workers’ abuse in London with £750k investment

  • Sadiq Khan says findings are consistent with modern slavery
  • Bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment is all too common

Migrant workers in london face abuse

An astonishing study has uncovered the heinous nature of abuse endured by migrant workers in London.

The findings were “consistent with modern slavery,” according to Mayor Sadiq Khan, who commissioned the study.

The investigation revealed that many migrants living in London have to work extra hours without pay or go for long periods of time without receiving any payment for the labor they have rendered.

A research conducted on Latin Americans residing in London revealed that 3/4 of them are on incomes lesser than the London Living Wage, and 1 in 5 reported not to have received payment for work they’ve previously completed.

“Being paid a lower rate than promised, incorrect deductions, and unclear payslips” were said to be frequent issues too.

However, the report also revealed that many migrant workers face bullying and discrimination.

Sexual harassment towards women migrant workers in the cleaning, care, and hospitality industries is a frequent phenomenon.

“These sectors often have a high percentage of management positions held by men which can act as a barrier to reporting harassment”, the report states.

According to the report, racism, including from coworkers, managers, and customers, is “a common experience” for many migrant workers in London.

“For workers whose main concern is maintaining their income, and potentially accommodation, fear of losing work can act as a deterrent to reporting abuse,” the report warns.

Mr Khan said the report was “shocking”, adding: “Migrants being subject to long hours with no pay and abuse such as racial slurs is the opposite of everything our city stands for.”

“It is abundantly clear from the report that migrant Londoners also face too many barriers to access the advice and support they desperately need to safeguard them from exploitation and help them to work in dignity.”

The Mayor has initiated a fund of £750,000 in order to reinforce and expand specialized assistance and guidance for migrants, but he mentioned that measures must also be taken on a national level.

He said: “I continue to urge the Government to take the urgent action needed to address these regular employment rights violations and the wider exploitation of migrants, so we can build a fairer London for everyone.”

A Government spokeswoman said: “The Government takes workers’ concerns very seriously and we encourage anyone with evidence of abuse or wrongdoing to report this to us.

“Through the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, the Government protects the lowest-paid within our society, and increases to both in April gave a pay rise to around 2.9 million workers, including young people and apprentices.

“The Government is also backing new rules to give people on zero hours contracts the right to request a more predictable working pattern.”

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