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Mfuka, 15, ‘raped boy, 12’

Kusakana Mfuka rape

Kusakana Mfuka, 34, of Ridge Road, Haringey, has been convicted of historical rapes at Wood Green Crown Court on Wednesday, 26th April.

The defendant, who was 13 and 15 at the time, sexually abused a child on numerous occasions at a home residence in Hornsey between January 2002 and January 2004.

In August 2020, the victim, who was between the ages of 10 and 12, reported the attacks to authorities, and a criminal investigation was began. Throughout the entire process, he received support from specialist officers.

As investigators gained trust from the victim and other witnesses who knew Mfuka at the time of the criminal activity, they began to put together a solid evidentiary case. This was verified by evidence collected during the forensic analysis of Mfuka’s phone.

The Crown Prosecution Service authorised charges against Mfuka in March 2021 as due to of the evidence they had gathered.

On Friday, May 5, he will be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court.

Detective Sergeant Myles Bossman, from the public protection team in north London, said: “Mfuka’s crimes can only be described as predatory; he abused the trust of the victim who was known to him, and repeatedly sexually assaulted him, without any remorse for his actions. The victim was vulnerable, by virtue of being a young child. The verdict shows that such abuse against children will not be tolerated, irrespective of time elapsed.

“With the support of his family, faith and the community, the victim showed immense bravery and courage in supporting a police investigation. I would like to thank the victim for his strength, and the many witnesses who provided evidence. I hope the conviction goes some way to providing closure after what must have been a disturbing experience.

“The Met encourages anyone who is victim or witness to sexual assault, to contact police, regardless of when the incident(s) may have occurred. There is zero tolerance for such serious offences and we will investigate regardless of time elapsed. This conviction serves as a reminder that those who commit such horrific offences will be found and justice dully be served.”

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