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Michael Ugwa murder trial – Khan carried a knife ‘every day for last 18 months’

Michael Ugwa murder lakeside

As we’ve previously discussed on two ocassions, several people stand trial for various charges in relation to the horrific murder of Michael Ugwa, 29, at Lakeside Shopping Centre. The latest notable update was that the court heard the murder was due to Ugwa allegedly ‘complimenting Lutchmunsing’s girlfriend‘ – and she has also been charged.

In the ongoing trial, the court recently heard that Mohammad Khan, 23, of Ilford, has carried a knife ‘every day’ since October 2021 after an incident where he was ‘attacked with knives by a group of youths’ in the Isle of Dogs.

The court heard that Khan was with a number of friends, and, as they left a shop a group of boys started “screaming” at them for reasons that are unclear. Khan describes how 12 “youths” were “brandishing weapons”, and “intent on doing something to them”.

Khan said it seemed as though 8 members of the groups focused singularly on him, and as he reached the entrance to a block of flats, they gathered around him and he was stabbed multiple times.

The court also heard the following from Khan: “My life flashed before my eyes, the first time the knife went in I thought that was it”. Hospital CT scans did indeed show that he received two distinct stab wounds to his chest and hip, in addition to lacerations on his head, wrist, calf, and leg.

The defendant was then discharged “around six hours later”, but he did not co-operate with the police out of fear of “repercussions”.

The trial continues.

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