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Michael Ugwa murder trial – Lakeside murder was for ‘complimenting a woman’

Michael Ugwa murder lakeside

As we’ve previously discussed, several people are on trial in relation to the horrific murder of Michael Ugwa, 29, in the food court of Lakeside Shopping Centre. The trial is ongoing and more information is available.

Muhammad Khan, 23, of Ilford, and Brandon Lutchmunsing, 20, of Grafton Way, Dagenham, are accused of chasing Michael in balaclavas and fatally stabbing him.

Now, revealed in court, is that an argument emerged between Michael and the two accused of his murder because Michael complimented Lutchmunsing’s girlfriend, Shannon Weston, 21, of Paddocks Close, Canewood – she is also on trial for aiding their getaway and evasion of police.

Footage played in court shows the two men produce a knife and follow Michael to an area of the food court then trap him in a ‘pincer movement’ so he couldn’t escape. Footage shows Michael try to hold up a chair to defend himself as Khan inflicts a fatal blow.

The prosecution says that the two men took Michael’s complimentary comments as ‘some form of challenge’. Lutchmunsing says he was “unaware” Khan produced a knife, and Khan says his actions on the day were in “self-defence”.

The prosecution says their explanations for the day’s events are a “fabrication concocted to avoid the consequences” of their actions.

The trial continues

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