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Oana Minzatu ‘fostered a toxic environment at Holland & Barrett, Covent Garden, Long Acre’

  • Holland and Barrett, Covent Garden, Long Acre
  • The Central London store is dubbed their 'flagship' store

Muslim woman speaks about abuse at Holland & Barrett Covent Garden Long Acre

Oana Minzatu, of Gresham Close, Essex, CM14 4FY, is the store manager of Holland & Barrett, Covent Garden situated on Long Acre, WC2E 9LG. She has faced an investigation for Islamophobic comments and endorsing ‘routine bullying’ practices at the store involving violence, The Evening Wiki can exclusively reveal.

In 2017-18 a young Muslim student was employed at the store in Covent Garden, Long Acre, dubbed Holland & Barrett’s ‘flagship’ store. The female student describes an unpleasant atmosphere at the store where she alleges to have been made to feel ‘different’ and ‘unwelcome’ by different members of staff right from the start of her employment.

“I would walk into the store and her and her favourite supervisor would stop talking.”

“I used to feel it, but I would try to think it was innocent. You’re not going to get on with everyone at work.” She added.

“Working there week in week out I would see how other people are treated, and then I would see how I was treated. Other people would get told to do easier jobs, or not get disciplined the way I was if I made even a simple error.”

However, the situation became much different when on one occasion when leaving work, Oana Minzatu searched her bag and made a passing comment about how ‘she hope’s there’s not a bomb in there’.

Oana Minzatu
Minzatu has been employed by Holland and Barrett for several years (Image: OC)

“I was so hurt. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. This is my workplace. I’m not just walking down the street and having some random idiot say this to me, this is my boss.”

Minzatu’s comments were made against the backdrop of the Manchester bombings in 2017 that ISIS claimed responsibility for. It was during a time religious and ethnic tensions peaked in Britain.

The woman says the incident was reported to Adam Moore, Holland & Barrett Covent Garden’s area manager at the time.

Adam Moore
Moore has since been promoted to a Director (Image: OC)

“Adam Moore did not really deal with the issue. I faced racism at work. This is a very serious situation and she should have faced equally serious disciplinary action, but she didn’t. I was forced to remain in that environment and the atmosphere was very tense afterwards.”

We approached Moore for comment previously and he did not respond.

“Working at Holland & Barrett Covent Garden, Long Acre, has made me a much more anxious person in the workplace. I am now fearful of beginning work in new environments, as I fear I won’t be accepted because of my religious beliefs. It is difficult for me to function in these environments like I used to be able to.”

A picture of Holland and Barrett, Covent Garden, Long Acre
Their flagship store (Image: Google)

“It is unacceptable that senior members of staff do not take action when inferior staff are being abused in the workplace. We come to work to complete our duties, not to face abuse. It begins to take a toll on your mental health.”

This young woman’s account is part of a catalogue, that paint the ‘flagship’ store under Minzatu’s leadership as one founded on bullying and discrimination.

We recently discussed allegations that a senior member of staff ‘fat-shamed’ inferior staff, in addition to using homophobic language, and even threatening violence against a member of staff ‘if he did not complete his request in a timely manner’.

In this matter, Minzatu did not take any action against the senior member of staff and seemed to make light of the fact these things transpired at all.

“Oana has a duty of care to the people in her workplace. But time and time again she has demonstrated that she does not care for their safety.” she added.

“She is supposed to investigate serious allegations, she is supposed to put a stop to workplace bullying, and she is supposed to sack people who flout these safeguards. But she doesn’t.”

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