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Mohamed charged with Ilford double murder – bringing total to 5

murder of Saydi Abu Sheikh and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed

Zakarie Mohamed, 18, of Kensal Rise, Kensington has been charged with a double murder in connection with a shooting inside a property on Henley Road, Ilford. His charge brings the total accused of the murders to 5. The victims were Saydi Abu Sheikh, 23, and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed, 32, of Ilford.

Previously, Ayaani Ali Adan, 20, of East Street, Barking, Ayman Abasheikh, 18, of Stratton Road, Romford, Zain Mirza, 20, of Third Avenue, Newham, and Mahad Gouled, 21, of Charles Street, Enfield were all charged with the same double murder.

They all face an additional charge of attempted murder in connection with a third injured person, and some have additional charges related to illegal drugs.

Until they appear in court information surrounding the circumstances of the crime is scarce. It is anticipated they will have their day in court in October.

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