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Naked man ‘casually strolled through high street’


Londoners on a busy high street in South East London encountered a completely naked man casually walking down the street, much to their horror. He crossed the road through Woolwich High Street near Beresford Square.

Captioning the video, the recorder wrote: “Only Barking is worse than this place”. He can be heard in full laughter.

A voice in the video can be heard saying: “Go ahead son, oi oi, what’s going on. Go ahead son, I love it friend, live your life brother.”

The naked man can be seen to be in the middle of street, partially obstructing cars. The man filming says: “Reporting from Woolwich, straight from that wacky Woolwich. A naked man wrecking my engine.”

Police were quick to arrest him

Two police officers soon come into view of the video, climbing over a metal fence to apprehend the man who becomes visibly distressed. A man in the background can be heard saying: “Get him, grab him mate, he can’t be having this around here.”

One individual commenting said: “That’s not even the craziest thing I’ve seen in Woolwich!”

Another said: “You can’t do that in London mate, it’s colder than Oz.”

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