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Naked Tory MP awoke “confused” in sex brothel

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Tory MP brothel

A Tory MP called a senior Conservatice politician at approximately 4am in great distress after he woke up in a sex brothel, naked and unable to find his clothes, a source exposed. The astounding call and its circumstances has rebirthed conversations about toxic subcultures in Westminster.

The senior Conservative awoke to a ‘panicked’ phone call and immediately knew he had been thrown into a perplexing a problematic situation. They answered the call to a half-awake, ‘drooly’ Tory MP pleading for help:

“’I’m in a brothel. I don’t know how I got here and I can’t find my clothes.” 

The startling revelation has sparked a rumour mill in the Commons with politicians drafting a shortlist of who it was most likely was. A Tory source confirmed the incident on Saturday night but declined to name the culprit. 

One MP said: “It has got us all asking – who would be your ‘phone a friend’ at 4am in a sticky situation?  And our conclusion was – certainly not the person that he did call.”

It is uncoincidental the matter was brought to light in the midst of a wave of controversy about the culture at Westminster. Many blame the ‘drinking’ lifestyle for a recent series of ‘Pestminster’ incidents.

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