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Nasser & co ‘filmed themselves raping a woman together’

Kasra Esmaelie and Aziz Nasser

Kasra Esmaelie, 25, of Shirland Road, Westminster, and Aziz Nasser, 35, of Church Street, Westminster, were convicted of rape after a 10 day trial at Reading Crown Court.

The two rapists from West London took a woman to Slough and threatened her in a remote park before committing a terrible sexual attack. She was forced to remove her clothing before they raped her and videotaped the assault on their phones.

Jurors were told that Esmaelie and Nasser drove the victim, who was in her twenties, to Upton Park in Slough in the early hours of September 3, 2021. They then intimidated her and forced her to remove her clothing before being told she would be forced into prostitution.

She was then raped and abused as the act was being videotaped, before being threatened once again. On September 9, Esmaelie and Nasser were detained and charged the next day.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Mark Wilson, based at Slough police station, said: “This was a serious and complex investigation in which the victim was forced to endure a horrendous set of circumstances in which Esmaelie and Nasser sought to sexually exploit her for financial gain.

“The victim has demonstrated exceptional courage and resilience throughout the investigation and trial. The conviction of both men highlights Thames Valley Police’s commitment to tackling Violence Against Women and Girls and pursuit of offenders.

“I would like to thank the Metropolitan Police and Integrated Gang & Exploitation Unit at Westminster City Council for their assistance with this investigation. I would also like to thank CPS and the Prosecution counsel Paul Fairley in securing the conviction.”

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