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NHS’ Neill Gold sacked for racist outburst

  • Neil Anthony Gold targeted a colleague with racial slurs
  • He claims he is not a racist
  • Edenfield Centre recently was the subject of a BBC Panorama investigation

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Picture of Neill Gold

Racist Neill Gold, a nurse of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, has been struck off for a racist, profane outburst on shift. The Nurse and Midwifery Council (NMC) held a misconduct hearing that spanned the 15th May and 25th May 2023, and has been subject to an interim suspension since 2022.

The panel heard live witness testimony, describing events on 28th February 2021, where Neill Anthony Gold used expletives several times and called a co-worker a “foreign cunt” who cannot “speak English properly”. He then went on to mockingly imitate how the colleague pronounced “Eskdale ward”. This transpired not only in the presence of colleagues but also horrified patients.

The panel heard Gold is a man who uses expletives as part of his daily vocabulary in the workplace, and went on to report his unacceptable conduct to management.

Picture of Edenfield Centre where Gold worked
Gold worked at the Edenfield Centre since March 2016 (Image: ABMN)

The panel made it clear his comments were powerful, abusive statements that go to the core of racial motivation. There were efforts to describe Gold as being in an ‘angry’ and ‘agitated’ state of mind, but the panel noted that it was significant that Gold did not direct such hostile language to any other members of staff – they were not of a similar ethnicity – demonstrating that it was ‘focused, deliberate, and offensive’.

Gold attempted to offer mitigation for his actions, asserting that he was regretful, ‘cringes’ when remembering the incident, and that he was not a racist and everybody knows that.

Neill Anthony Gold

In deciding on his punishment, the panel feared the risk Gold posed to the profession, and believed his actions were likely to be repeated. To maintain public trust and confidence, the NMC felt there could no alternative to a removal from the industry.

Recently, Edenfield Centre where Gold worked has come under fire after being the subject of a BBC Panorama investigation, whereby it was discovered there was widespread, physical misconduct being routinely enacted by staff. Those in their care were being beaten, verbally abused, and being placed in isolation in what could be equated to imprisonment.

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