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Nurse raped multiple women at Goodmayes Hospital

Ige Apata is accused of sexual violence whilst employed by Goodmayes Hospital

A patient attempted suicide after Ige Apata, a 43 year old student nurse, allegedly raped her inside her hospital room at Goodmayes Hospital, in Ilford.

His two victims reported him after they were coincidentally moved to the same ward and befriended one another. Their conversation quickly moved to Apata, leading them to come to the realisation that they have been similarly abused.

Apata was arrested and due to denying the allegations, is on trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court for two counts of rape and two counts of sexual assault.

The court was informed that Apata approached one woman towards the end of February 2021, when she asked him for access to the key to unlock her bedroom. He followed her inside.

Prosecutor Robert Evans told the court: “He unbuttoned his trousers and took his penis out and she remembers his penis as being uncircumcised. He then gestured for her to give him oral sex and pushed her head down. Being frozen, she complied.”

Jurors heard how after a few minutes, he told her, “That’s enough”, and buttoned up his trousers. In the victim’s police interview played to the court today, she said: “I just sat down in my room in a state of shock, it was like I needed to thaw out because I was so frozen – I couldn’t quite compose myself.

“I tried to just go on with the rest of my day and when I got the chance, go to the bathroom and wash myself all over because I felt dirty, ashamed, tarnished again.” Of the assault, she recalled: “I’d already frozen then, I just thought comply until you can get out of it, I just wanted it to be over.”

On March the 1st, she was rehomed in a different ward, obtained a mobile phone, and called the police. She also asked hospital staff for an STI test. She felt unable to tell anyone of her ordeal and said she found staff “aggressive” in how they handled her.

Apate’s second victim said he told her on March 4 that her nightdress was too short. She says she returned to her room to put on a pair of jeans and he followed her and took out his penis.

“He told her to play with it, she took her hand away, he put it back, she refused [to engage in sexual activity],” Mr Evans said. In a move that was “clearly without her consent”, he began to kiss her neck and continued to touch her inappropriately, until she raised her voice.

Apata proceeded to demand her phone number and she provided false details. Shockingly, it is alleged that on the subsequent day, he complained that she had given him thewrong number intentionally, and it was this morning she attempted suicide.

In response, Apata sexually assaulted her for a second time, and on this occasion, physically pushed her onto her knees and forced her to perform oral sex, and he ejaculated.

Immediately afterwards, she ran to the bathroom and spat in the toilet boil. When she returned, he started “dry-humping” her against the bed.

“After it was over, he told her not to tell anyone,” Mr Evans told the jury. “He told her he would give her £250 and told her after she left the hospital, he would give her more money and look after her. After he left the room, she got a urine sample pot and scooped out what she had spat out, to give to the police later on.”

Compelling evidence

When Apata was arrested, a semen sample was tested, and it proved to be a ‘one in a billion’ DNA match to Apata.

Shortly after he sexually assaulted her, the victim met up with him at Woodford train station during a week’s leave from the hospital, and attempted to record him admitting his crimes as she confronted him over his actions.

He told her he viewed her “as a sister” and offered more money for her to keep silent. After she returned to the hospital and was moved to a different ward, she befriended the first victim and confided in each other of the alleged abuse.

Whilst they recognised Apata by different names, one being Ola and the other being Chris, they realised it was the same person by a “distinctive burn mark” on his neck. The police were informed on March 18 and he was arrested and interviewed on March 21, where he denied any sexual abuse and claimed he was being blackmailed by the second victim.

Mr Evans told the court: “He says it was all initiated by her, he says he didn’t want her advances. He says in effect the complainants have made it, possibly for money. The prosecution say they haven’t made it up, it happened exactly as they said it did and he was taking advantage of them sexually.”

Criticising the hospital staff, the first victim said: “Why does no one listen to the warning signs? No one called the police, no psychologist came and said you’ve called the police, is there something you want to tell us? I’ve asked for an STI test, why aren’t they paying attention? You’re put in this place to feel safe, why aren’t they picking up these things?”

Goodmayes Hospital

Speaking of her experience at the ward, she said she felt unable to speak to staff who were “quite aggressive in their manner” and because they confiscated her mobile phone, she felt unsafe.

She also claimed she only learned of her similar experience with the second victim as she took it upon herself to offer her physical and emotional support as she ‘fell to the ground’. Staff, shockingly, told her to “leave her alone” but she refused and helped her to sit upright, which led to her being sick, and the two of them bonding.

Apata, from Waltham Forest, has denied all four charges. The trial continues.

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