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O2 Academy Brixton hearing set by Lambeth Council, following fatal crush at Asake concert

O2 academy brixton licensing review hearing

Popular music venue O2 Academy Brixton has been suspended since a fatal crush as afrobeat artist Asake’s concert sadly resulted in the death of two people on 15th December 2022. The licensing review hearing has now been set by Lameth Council for 11th-12th September this year.

Lambeth councillors revoked the O2 Academy venue’s licence for three months in January when security guard Gaby Hutchinson, 23, and attendee Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, died in a crush as fans attempted to enter a sold-out gig by Nigerian rapper Asake.

According to Gerald Gouriet KC, who represented the Met police at the licensing conference, some 1,000 people were outside the venue on the night of the concert on December 15, and officers discovered “large-scale disorder,” with crowds ultimately forcing the doors open. Witnesses have questioned early claims of ticketless fans outside the arena.

A police investigation began and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) opened a probe into the claims of corruption.

According to the BBC’s File On 4 program, a security guard at the event stated that certain security personnel would allow “a couple of hundred” individuals into the venue in return for money.

O2 Academy Brixton crush
Images of the massive crowd (Image: STV)

The Met then asked that the venue be shut permanently.

This led to a national petition, and at the moment, over 115,000 people have signed, fighting for the venue to remain open as it is widely heralded as one of the industry’s best concert venues.

Today, it has been announced that the licensing review hearing will be held by Lambeth Council on the 11th-12th September. The Night Time Industries Association released the following:

“We have finally received the news that the Licensing Review Hearing will take place on the 11th / 12th September 2023 In Lambeth Town Hall. This is a critical moment for the venue as it will determine its future, and will require as much support as possible throughout this hearing.”

“As you are aware, we would like to invite as many supporters as possible to attend the hearing on the 11th/12th September. Many of you who have kindly submitted a valid representation for this hearing will also receive a communication from Lambeth Licensing Authority before the end of this week.”

“The notification will include details of the hearing and it will also include a Form which you will need to complete and return if you wish to attend (either remotely or in person) and speak at the hearing.”

“Obviously, we want as many of you as possible to attend in person (if you are able to) but either way its important that as many as possible return the Form at least one week before the hearing (effectively by Friday 1st September) and state your intention to attend the hearing or permission to speak will not be granted.”

“The Form is very straightforward and, in view of the sheer numbers of representors, Lambeth may indicate in their Notice of Hearing that they will accept an email reply. I would strongly advise that anyone replying also states that they wish to speak at the hearing so this is clear.”

“We are asking as many people as possible to respond and request the opportunity to speak at the hearing. The more voices and people attending the stronger the representation. More details will follow as we near the hearing date. Thank you as always for your support!”

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