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Officer Alexander ‘sacked after OnlyFans content surfaces’

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Alexander John Bell

PC Alexander Jones Bell, 32, of Cleveland, was sacked for failing to state his OnlyFans activities. He was found guilty of gross misconduct on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old was discovered to have intentionally omitted pertinent information from his police application form. A misconduct tribunal determined that he had violated the standards of professional conduct for police officers despite his denial of the charge.

Monday, Kate Cornell represented the appropriate authority and presented the case. She stated that when Officer Bell filled out the verification form to join the Cleveland Police Department, he was required to disclose any pertinent information regarding his susceptibility to pressure or unlawful influence, but he did not disclose his OnlyFans account.

Ms. Cornell stated that rumours were circulating about his online activities, and two years later, on February 4, 2022, he emailed the Department of Standards and Ethics (DSE) and informed them of the account.

Ms Cornell said: “He previously said he had an OnlyFans account with his wife but he had deleted all the images and videos of himself prior to joining the police. He said he had never shown his face and said his wife continued with the account on her own after he joined the police.”

The officer stated that someone subsequently discovered the site, recognised his wife, and distributed her images in their hometown. Ms. Cornell stated that weeks later there were additional allegations, and on March 28, PC Bell sent a second email informing DSE that an explicit screenshot of himself from one of the videos on OnlyFans was being circulated.

PC Bell informed the force that he had not seen the image, but that he believed his face was visible. In the email, he claimed he had not been involved in any videos since joining the force and that the videos had been stolen from the account before he joined the force.

The panel was informed that a higher-ranking officer conducted an online search and discovered a pornographic image of PC Bell.

PC Bell estimated that there were approximately one thousand recordings uploaded to the account, but he only appeared in a small percentage of them and used a pseudonym.

Ms. Cornell alleged that the officer was “dishonest” and displayed a “ongoing lack of candour.” He was discovered to have committed gross misconduct.

Second count

Additionally, PC Bell was accused of misconduct during an incident at the Manchester derby on 6 March of last year, which he acknowledged. The panel viewed body cam footage of PC Bell being struck in the the jaw by a 16-year-old opposing fan after the game.

The Teesider’s speech is slurred on the video, and he confessed to the tribunal that he had been drinking earlier. On the video, he is heard yelling “I’m a police officer” and instructing the youth to “f*** off.”

He also tells the youngster, “I would have blown your mind” and winks at him multiple times. He instructs the Greater Manchester officer twelve times to “lock him up” as the officer detains the juvenile.

PC Bell testified on Monday that his the jaw ached the day after the assault, but he confessed his behaviour was “childish.”

He stated, “It is indeed immature, and I regret doing it. I should have left, but I didn’t, and for that I apologise. It is my error, and I accept responsibility.”

The panel found PC Bell guilty of another count of egregious misconduct. Ms. Cornell stated that the allegations were extremely extremely serious and that dismissal was the only appropriate punishment.

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