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Officer Dop ‘accused of unlocking cell to enable violent robbery’ at Swaleside Prison

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Alexandru Dop

Prison officer Alexandru Dop, 37, of Sheerness, ME12 and HMP Swaleside, stood trial at Maidstone Crown Court accused of misconduct in public office, where it was alleged he unlocked a prisoner’s cell during the COVID-19 lockdowns to allow 2 inmates to violently rob him. He has since been sacked.

Almost two years ago, the incident at HMP Swaleside on the Isle of Sheppey left Ashley Pring ‘blacked-out’ and with a broken jaw. Due to the state he was left in following the attack, he actually mistakenly believed it was the officer himself who attacked him.

Pring described how he returned to his solitary cell at 9 a.m. “feeling tired” and the door was shut.

Inside his cell, Pring had a television, a DVD player, CD players, and a fan, and he fell asleep while facing the wall.

“I then heard a loud crack, followed by a banging on the cell door,” he explained.

“The door was unlocked, and I attempted to rise from my bed. I witnessed a bright flare and felt myself being propelled backwards.

“I must have been unconscious when I woke up. I remained disoriented. I experienced a tingling sensation around my lips and could taste blood.”

Pring asserts that he saw the Dop standing outside the door, the two made eye contact, and he believed the officer was responsible for his injuries.

He added, “When I stood up, I was still confused. I was unaware that anyone had entered my cell because I only saw the officer. I believed the officer was responsible for my assault.”

He reported that his room had been destroyed, his television was on the floor, and his DVD and CD devices were missing, and he pressed an alarm button to call a security officer.

Pring continued, “A member of staff then looked through my door flap, and I expected him to return, but he never did.”

Eventually, he was transported to the hospital and treated for a broken jaw.

Dop was a prison officer at the Eastchurch penitentiary, where Delgado and Forbes served as inmates, as previously explained by prosecutor Bridget Todd.

She claimed in reference to the incident, “He was in great agony and asked for assistance, but no one came to his aid. The first individual (to assist) was a drug and welfare officer who was making his rounds.

A senior officer stated at the time that access to adjacent landings and cells was restricted to prevent the spread of the Covid virus.

According to the prosecutor, Delgado and Forbes were on a different landing than Pring and “should have never met.”

The jury was told that Dop subsequently told a senior officer that he didn’t report the incident because “he didn’t want to be seen as a grass.”

The prosecution claims that prison CCTV footage shows Delgado, wearing a black cap and black blazer, and Forbes, wearing a track suit, conversing with Dop.

“The two inmates are seen on screen carrying washbags, and Dop unlocks the cell door of Cell 103, where Pring was,” Ms. Todd explained.

“The officer stays outside prior to closing the door.”

Ms. Todd asserted that a second photograph depicted Dop listening at the door and the two men leaving the cell with additional items in their backpacks.

Alexandru Dop told police that there were Covid restrictions, but that “all officers were bending the rules to allow inmates into different areas.”

Dop was found not guilty of misconduct in a public office while on duty in prison following the trial.

He left smiling but without comment.

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