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Officer ‘had colleague’s penis forced into her mouth’

Metropolitan Police

A former Met Police officer who ‘woke up with a colleague’s penis in her mouth’ after he ‘smoked cannabis he seized at a raid’ has spoken out about her nightmare. The lady, whose identity has been anonymised, stated that the event left her disturbed, and that the response from other officers led to her leaving the police.

For 17 years, the former employee worked in a specialised unit that frequently dealt with rape and sexual assault cases, and she told LBC that she was close to her coworkers, including her assailant. She went on to say that she had been left ‘frozen’ when a male coworker took advantage of her on a night out.

She told LBC: “We’d been out to a gig and I was going to sleep over at his, which I’d done a few times before, and he’d decided to smoke some weed.

“We were talking about it and he was making a joke about how he and his colleagues had found it when they were doing a drug search of a property. They basically judged that it was a small enough amount that they could get away with keeping it for themselves.

“I had fallen asleep and I don’t know what time he’d come in because I was super tired and completely out of it, but I was woken up by him putting his penis in my mouth. I was completely confused and shocked and I don’t think I even had time to make a decision about pushing him away or anything and was basically frozen.”

The employee reportedly stated that she did not file a formal complaint but had told a few coworkers about the encounter, with one informing her that her account ‘turned him on.’

She continued: “You just pretty much want to forget about the whole thing but I was worrying about it happening to other people. I told a friend who was a police officer exactly what had happened and his response was something like ‘is it funny that this turns me on?’

“I remembered that he’d at one point also called most people he dealt with who reported sexual offences ‘narcissistic bitches with a grudge’ and he was actually trained as a sexual offences officer.

“I suppose I didn’t really want to face making any formal complaint about it after that because I was seeing these sorts of offences on a weekly basis and knew already they were the worst kind of offences to prove. But what he said was the final nail in the coffin, to be honest.”

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “These allegations are deeply concerning and we have asked the woman if she is prepared to share further details with our professional standards team to allow an investigation to take place. The recently published review by Baroness Casey highlighted significant concerns with the Met’s internal standards and culture and we are committed to rebuilding trust and confidence with the public and the honest majority of our officers and staff.

“We have put more resources into proactively identifying and rooting out those who corrupt our integrity, as well as checking the details of all 50,000 people employed by the Met against intelligence records on the Police National Database.”

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