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Officer Murdock ‘raped woman then accessed her crime report’

Ireland Murdock

Metropolitan Police officer Ireland Murdock, 26, was found guilty of raping a woman and is awaiting sentence. The court heard that after the attack in Lambeth, South London, when she reported him to the police, he then searched for her within the policing database and read the restricted crime report.

Ireland Murdock did previously know the victim, and although they had some consensual sexual activity, Murdock deliberately took things further than she allowed, and she pled for him to “stop” but he did not.

After he was “finished”, Murdock said “I’m not going to stay here if there’s an atmosphere” and left. She immediately called her flatmate and said “he did something last night I’m not happy with”.

During the trial, the victim said she had been left “numb” by the attack and was afraid of receiving medical help as she was “embarrassed” and worried at what questions would be raised. She describes having to change her bedsheets because of the blood.

After the victim reported Ireland Murdock to the police, he looked her up on policing systems despite having no legitimate reason to do so. He has been charged and convicted for this as a separate offence: ‘unauthorised access to computer material’.

Chief Superintendent Andy Carter, who is in charge of policing for the Central North Basic Command Unit, said: “Murdock committed an absolutely atrocious offence, and caused his victim a lot of pain and fear. He betrayed everything we stand for and I am disgusted by his actions.

I would like to thank the victim for her courage and bravery in coming forward. I would also like to thank those who investigated him for building such a strong case that led to him being found guilty.

We took immediate action to suspend Murdock from duty when his offending came to light and we dismissed him at the earliest opportunity as soon as he pleaded guilty to unauthorised access to computer material.

We are determined to have a Met that the public can trust, with officers that people feel confident to approach. When someone fails to meet these standards, we will take action to remove them from our organisation.”

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