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Officer Partridge ‘accepted sex as bribe to license high-end establishments in London’

Frank Partridge bribes

Police sergeant Frank Partridge, 49, of Wing, Buckinghamshire, took thousands in pounds and ‘sex’ to approve applications for business licenses, and to report them as complying with conditions in London’s upmarket ‘West-End’, a trial has heard.

Southwark Crown Court heard as Frank Partridge stood accused of accepting expensive holidays, designer clothing, expensive football match tickets, and the services of professional escorts in order to facilitate the interests of a small community of individuals concerned with London’s West-End.

Partridge formed ‘an unprofessional and inappropriately close relationship’ with these people, including 43-year-old Cirque le Soir nightclub owner Ryan Bishti, prosecutor Philip Evans KC said.

“Those relationships directly benefited Frank Partridge financially and the individuals because they had someone with Frank Partridge’s powers in their pocket.

Those items were, the prosecution says, bribes. And the prosecution says there can be no sensible explanation for these defendants having paid or having given Frank Partridge such advantages or bribes, bearing in mind he was a police officer with direct responsibility for policing their business activities or the business activities of someone very close to them.

There’s no sensible explanation other than they were paid to provide a reward to Frank Partridge for having done something improper for them in the past or to reward him so that he would do something improper for them in the future.”

Frank Partridge bribe

The officer had previously worked in the Met’s Clubs and Vice unit – managing a cadre of covert licensing officers – which ‘enabled him to cover at least some of the tracks he might otherwise have left from the corrupt practices he engaged in’, Mr Evans said.

The officer has confessed to three counts of bribery but rejects eight further counts of conspiracy to commit bribery and five counts of bribery.

The 12-week trial continues on Friday.

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