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Orpington’s Matthew Ashley ‘beat woman who rejected him’

Orpington's Matthew Ashley

Matthew Ashley, 51, of Orpington, stands accused of grievous bodily harm after it is alleged he savagely beat a woman because she rejected his advances. He is currently on trial.

The woman says Matthew Ashley took her to the beach at Camber Sands on August 7th 2022. During the car ride back she felt uneasy and that there was some uncomfortable tension, so upon arriving in Orpington she immediately went to a friend’s house.

That evening Ashley texted her asking to see her, and she went over to his place.

“There was a conversation which moved into talking about him wanting a relationship with her,” Mr Paton-Philip said for the prosecution. 

“She was very clear that was not what she wanted. She said she didn’t want a relationship with him, and she did not fancy him at all.” 

Ashley ‘humoured’ him to let him down easy, but stresses she made it clear the interest was not mutual, and as she attempted to leave, he launched a “concerted attack” on her. The victim was pleading for help and screaming as he continued to brutally punch her and strangle her, demanding that she “shut up”.

When he was done her ordered she go to a bedroom and she then passed out there. When she awoke the following more she was covered in blood and managed to make her way into the street where onlookers called the police.

The woman had a fractured eye socket, ribs, and foot because of the attack.

The trial continues.

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