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Paramedic Stockley, ‘rubbed patient’s groin during panic attack’

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Chad Stockley

Chad Stockley, a paramedic of West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS), was sentenced for sexual assault on 4th March 2022 and received a non-custodial sentence. After a misconduct hearing on 1 March 2023 his license to practice under the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) has been revoked.

Chad Stockley was employed as a paramedic with West Midlands Ambulance Service from 28th September 2009 to 15th October 2020. On 6th July Stockley and a colleague attended the home of an elderly man suffering loss of consciousness.

Both medical professionals concluded the victim suffered a stroke. At this point the victim was stable, and Stockley asked he assist him in getting a stretcher from the ambulance. Once inside the ambulance, the victim grew distressed and had a panic attack, with his leg ‘going numb’.

In response, Stockley intimately ‘hugged him’, ‘massaged his leg’, and then groped and massaged his crotch. This went on for a long period of time, leading to his colleague questioning where he was, and because they still had not arrived after even more time, the colleague sent the victim’s family member to the ambulance.

Stockley then immediately came out with the stretcher to meet his colleague and placed the victim into the ambulance.

On the 8th July 2020 Stockley was arrested for the events of 6th July for sexual assault. WMAS immediately suspended him pending a disciplinary hearing dated 12th October 2020 where he was subsequently sacked, and he did not appeal.

On 8th April 2021 Stockley was charged and on 9th February 2022 he was convicted at Warwick Crown Court.

On 4th March 2022 he was sentenced to a community order for 2 years, rehabilitation activity for 30 days, placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 5 years.

The HCPC were not notified of the outcome of the criminal proceedings and when they later found out, were forced to hold a misconduct hearing due to the seriousness of the criminality.

The HCPC deemed Stockley’s misconduct to be “extremely serious”.

They note the following: “The Panel considered the Registrant’s conduct to be a serious breach of professional boundaries and one which could properly be described as “deplorable” by fellow professionals and by the standards of ordinary, decent members of the public.

“This was compounded by his dishonesty in failing to inform the HCPC that he had been convicted of the offence.

“The Panel also found the “public” component of impairment to be engaged in this case. The Panel considered the Registrant to pose a potential risk to service users.

“A member of the public, knowing of the Registrant’s conviction and misconduct surrounding the sexual assault on a male, who had consulted him for professional advice and support, would undoubtedly expect some restriction to be placed on his registration.

“Public confidence in the profession and in the regulator would be undermined if there were no finding of impairment.”

Stockley had never demonstrated any insight, remorse, or remediation and that there was a significant risk of repetition.

For these reasons, the HCPC revoked his license as a healthcare professional permanently.

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