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Person ‘covers homeless woman’s sleeping bag in tomato ketchup’ in Hornchurch

Hornchurch homeless covered in ketchup

Hornchurch residents condemned the actions of an unknown person who covers a homeless woman’s bed and belongings in tomato ketchup for no apparent reason. The rough sleeper was situated outside Al’s Pie and Mash shop on Hornchurch high street.

A passer-by saw the vandalism and was furious that somebody would go out of their way to cause such distress to a person clearly down on their luck.

The passer-by who saw the incident happing wrote on Facebook: “Why are people so cruel? All their possessions covered in ketchup. When I walked back past someone had dropped off another duvet (in the orange bag). As if their life isn’t hard enough.”

Another person took to Facebook and wrote: “That is sick. Why would some human being do this? Imagine if he had to live like this. Makes me sick.” Another added: “There are some nasty people out there.” One more chimed in: “That is horrific. Evil people in this world.”

One wrote: “Why are people so evil the lady that sleeps there has fallen on bad times like so many other people. Hope you’re pleased with what you done, karma will get you.” Another added: “It’s horrifying to think of how vile some people are that live amongst us. Really makes me sad.”

Other people quickly said they wanted to help with food and warm clothes. One wrote: “I saw this earlier and have dropped off a bag with a duvet and pillow and a couple of jumpers, I am going to go back tomorrow and hopefully drop a bag of supplies.

Poor person, I can’t believe someone could be so cruel to do this. If anyone has any information as to whether this is a man or woman’s stuff please let me know so I can bring some extra bits.”

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