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Teenagers die as a result of police pursuit, officers handed gross misconduct notices after riots

  • Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, were killed during a police pursuit
  • The IOPC intends to undertake gross misconduct proceedings
  • Ely erupted in violent disorder in response to the boys' deaths

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Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans died on an e-bike

According to the UK police watchdog, two policemen who trailed two teenage lads on an electric bike before they died in a collision in Cardiff have been slapped with gross misconduct notices.

Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, were killed in a car accident on Monday, May 22, 2023, in Ely, Cardiff.

Riots erupted in the region as it was revealed that the ‘best friends’ were being followed by police seconds before their murders.

South Wales Police first disregarded the reports as hearsay, however CCTV evidence showed a marked vehicle following the youngsters minutes before the incident.

After admitting that the youngsters were being trailed by a vehicle 85 seconds before the incident, the force submitted itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

As part of its investigation into the incident, the IOPC has issued gross misconduct notices to two SWP officers, the driver and passenger of the unmarked vehicle.

Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans as children
Childhood best friends Kyrees (right) and Harvey (left) (Image: OC)
Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans on the e-bike being pursued
Footage shows the pair and then a large police van a moment later
Sullivan and Evans being followed by the police van

According to the watchdog, investigators have been scrutinising hundreds of video clips, initial reports, and body-worn footage from police officers and personnel.

In a statement, the IOPC said: ‘As part of our investigation, we have served gross misconduct notices on two police officers, the driver and passenger in a marked police van, which was seen on CCTV footage driving behind the boys’ electric bike a short time prior to the fatal collision on May 22.

‘Such notices advise officers their conduct is subject to investigation. They do not necessarily mean that any disciplinary proceedings will follow.

‘Our investigation began last month following a referral from South Wales Police, after relevant CCTV footage came to light.

‘Investigators are reviewing hundreds of video footage clips that we have gathered as a result of our house-to-house enquiries and leafleting at properties in Ely.

‘To ensure we identify and secure relevant evidence, we have followed up inquiries with, and taken statements from, some local residents.

‘We have also set up witness appeal boards on relevant streets. In addition to these lines of inquiry, we have reviewed initial accounts and body-worn video from relevant police officers and staff.

‘We are in regular contact with the families of Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans, who sadly lost their lives, to keep them updated on the progress of our investigation.

‘Our investigation continues to focus on the nature of the police interaction with the two boys prior to the collision and the appropriateness of the officers’ decisions and actions.

‘In particular, we are examining whether at any time the decisions and actions of the officers in the police vehicle constituted a pursuit. South Wales Police has continued to co-operate with our investigation.’

Police being attacked during the riots
The city erupted in chaos and disorder in response to the boys deaths

IOPC Director David Ford: ‘I wish to again extend my sympathies to the family and friends of Kyrees and Harvey, and to everyone who has felt the impactful loss of two young lives in Ely. 

‘The response from the community in helping our investigators has been very positive and I am extremely grateful for this assistance. 

‘In case there are still people with relevant information we have yet to speak to, we have placed witness appeal boards in the vicinity of the incident. 

‘We would urge anyone who believes they have useful information to come forward to us. 

‘We have also met with local community leaders and elected officials to explain our role and the remit of our investigation.

‘As our investigation continues to progress, I would like to reassure everyone that we are focussed on establishing precisely what happened in the run up to the tragic incident. 

‘Our work will remain impartial and completely independent of the police.’

During the disturbances on the night of the boys’ deaths, a dozen cops were hurt, none badly.

Cars were set on fire, and paving slabs and fireworks were hurled at cops armed with riot shields, injuring 15 people.

Footage from the night showed police in riot gear being pelted with fireworks, rocks, concrete slabs, and even a door.

Car windows were shattered and set on fire, and tyres burst when garbage and mattresses were dumped on them to feed the fire.

According to South Wales Police, 17 men and three females aged 14 to 36 were detained on suspicion of rioting.

All have now been freed on police bail while the inquiry is ongoing, according to the force.

The boys on the e-bike
The pair on the electric bike, which was an early birthday present (Image: OC)

Despite a crackdown on illegal riding, the kids from the Ely area were renowned for riding the e-bike around the streets.

Friends described them as’motorbike nuts’ who grew up together in a difficult estate in Cardiff’s west and were ‘simply enjoying themselves’ before they died.

Bridy Bool, Harvey’s godmother, described him as a “typical 15-year-old” who “loved motorbikes, bikes, and football” and had eaten supper with his mother Nadine only 10 minutes before he died.

She argued that the youngsters had done nothing to warrant a police “chase,” adding, “They were bare-faced innocent children.”

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