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Police to night patrol Romford and Ilford centres for ‘predatory behaviour’

Romford town centre

The Met have began an initiative to deploy officers to Romford and Ilford town centres at night to combat ‘predatory behaviour’ towards women, in an effort to rude local violence against women. Named the Met’s ‘Project Vigilant’, a mix of plain clothed and uniformed officers will be on the lookout for such behaviour.

Superintendent Lisa Butterfield, leading on Neighbourhood Policing in Romford, said that the patrols have lead to a “12.4 per cent decrease in violence against women and girls related offences, compared to the same three-month period last year”.

She said: “This tactic is focused on identifying predatory behaviour and preventing offences from taking place in order to protect anyone who is vulnerable, including both women and men. The teams regularly patrol public spaces with the intention of identifying anyone who may be displaying predatory behaviour.”

“They will then alert their uniformed colleagues who will step in and engage with the individual concerned and take any action required.”

She added: “This followed consistent work from the Town Centre Team, a detective from the Met’s Public Protection and the local authority. The offender was displaying predatory behaviour in the town centre, particularly to young teenage girls. Many of the victims did not want to support the investigations for their own reasons. Instead the team worked with the court to get the order in place for three years.”

“We know in recent months Romford and neighbourhoods in East London have seen worrying cases of violence, especially against women and girls. My teams take these crimes and reports with the utmost of seriousness. It is our job to help keep London’s streets safe and to protect people from predatory offenders. We continue to work with local businesses and partners to bring these people to justice.”

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