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Policeman ‘head-butted bar manager for enforcing COVID-19 rules’

Luke Wilson

Police officer Luke Wilson, 28, has been handed a ten week prison sentence – suspended for 12 months – 80 hours of unpaid community service, and a total £900 fine for head-butting a bar manager that attempted to enforce COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, in a ‘moment of absolute madness’.

Luke Wilson was out with a group of colleagues in July 2021 when staff – duty-bound to do so – asked the group to adhere to social distancing rules by sitting at different times, due to government-imposed coronavirus regulations.

In response, CCTV footage shower the police officer square up to the bar manager and launch an unprovoked onslaught, leaving him with injuries. The incident was investigated by the City of London Police, who reviewed CCTV footage of the attack.

The group had as many as 10 people dining at a single time, when only 6 was legally allowed. The bar manager explained the regulation, asking that 4 move elsewhere, but in response, Wilson can be seen following him and launching a confrontation.

Luke Wilson

CCTV was played, showing the bar manager with his hands in his pockets in a non-aggressive manner, but the officer moving within ‘an inch’ of him, and the manager taking a step back to create distance.

This did not dismay the police officer, as he stepped forward again, and head-butted him. Wilson was interviewed the next day, and denied the offence, instead claiming he felt ‘threatened’. Temporary Detective Constable MacLennan, from the City of London Police, said the victim’s trust in the police “has now been damaged by the attack.”

“This was an unprovoked assault on a victim who was simply trying to do his job,” he said. “The victim felt he could trust the group due to their profession, but his trust in the police has now been damaged by this attack. I hope that the sentence passed down today brings some justice to the victim and demonstrates that no one is exempt when it comes to upholding the law in the City.”

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