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Priest ‘fantasized about sacrificing babies to Satan then tried to blame crimes on his sons’

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David Renshaw

A priest who smoked crystal meth and had fantasies about killing babies as an offering to Satan was sentenced to four years in prison after a judge determined that he was a risk to children.

Rev. David Renshaw of Worthing bragged about being a “sadistic b******” who corrupted young males.

A judge informed the 63-year-old vicar that his refusal to embrace responsibility for his actions demonstrated that he remained a public risk.

“You are still unable to accept your criminality and sexual interest in children,” Judge Christine Henson KC said.

Renshaw was found guilty on all eight counts of possessing indecent, obscene, and unlawful images of minors and animals by a Hove jury in less than thirty minutes.

“Perhaps incarceration will help you realise you need treatment,” the judge told him.

As a serving vicar with over 22,000 illicit images on his computers, Renshaw posed a significant risk to minors.

The judge told Renshaw that the age, vulnerability, and obvious anguish and distress caused to the children in the images and videos were aggravating factors in his four-year sentence.

The judge stated that the time and effort required to acquire such a large collection demonstrated his level of dedication.

“It demonstrated that you were part of a network that shared pornographic images of children,” she said.

Renshaw, a vicar since 1985, sat still in an interview room while being sentenced by video from HMP Lewes.

Before he is eligible for release on parole, he will serve half of his four-year sentence in jail.

When Renshaw is released from prison, a Sexual Harm Prevention Order will prohibit him from having unsupervised contact with anyone under 16 years of age.

In addition, he must remain on the Sexual Offender Register indefinitely and pay £4,200 in costs.

Sarah Day stated in his defence that the minister had lost everything.

“These convictions mark the end of his previous existence,” Ms. Day said.

He has lost both his residence and his profession.

After National Crime Agency authorities traced the cleric’s online activity, he remained on a Church of England safe list for two years.

Renshaw remained on the list days after his February 2018 conviction.

He was found culpable of possessing over 22,000 indecent images and recordings of minors and animals, as determined by a jury.

Renshaw, who attempted suicide following the verdict of culpability, stated that he had few boundaries and could sink extremely low.

He informed other child molesters online, “I’m a sadistic b******

“Through and f through.”

In December of 2019, Renshaw was appointed priest-in-charge of Christ Church Worthing.

When police raided his residence on August 11, 2020, he was on long-term medical leave and hospitalised.

In May 2021, he was also cautioned for possession of Class A and Class B substances.

Police discovered decaying deceased animals, used syringes, and narcotic devices during a search of his parish residence.

After the police search, the RSPCA impounded severely starving dogs, cats, and chickens.

His online activity was traced to a computer in his three-bedroom semi.

According to testimony presented in Hove Crown Court, it would have taken months to retrieve all the images and video found on the hard drive.

The vicar of the Church of England claimed he lacked the time to obtain all the images and video, telling police, “Sermons don’t write themselves.”

The police discovered backups of his online and messaging app conversations with other sexual predators.

Renshaw requested that another user sacrifice his three-year-old child to Satan.

Other twisted conversations involved infant sacrifices to the devil.

After his offences were uncovered, Renshaw attempted to incriminate his sons by claiming they had access to his computers.

In statements read to the court, his sons expressed sadness and dismay at their father’s identification of them as potential suspects.

The jury was given graphic descriptions of the appalling child sex abuse videos discovered on the drive by the police.

Additionally, dozens of pornographic DVDs were discovered during the inspection of his residence by the police.

Renshaw initially denied, then confessed, sending social media and chat communications debating extreme child abuse to other paedophiles.

Renshaw, a former youth custody centre chaplain, penned, “I enjoy drugging boys.”

Renshaw testified that he used crystal meth when he felt lonely and uninterested.

The jury disbelieved his explanations for his online activity and returned eight verdicts in less than twenty-five minutes.

After hearing graphic descriptions of the downloads, jurors were offered counselling services.

Three counts of possessing indecent images of children, three counts of creating indecent images of children, one count of possessing prohibited images of children, and one count of possessing extreme pornographic images depicting acts of intercourse with animals, namely dogs and horses, were found to be true.

Detective Sergeant David Rose, the investigating officer, stated, “Throughout this investigation, Renshaw has blamed everyone but himself.

“He has refused to acknowledge or assume responsibility for his actions, which I am certain would have outraged the local community he represented.

“The search of his residence was one of the most abhorrent duties our officers will ever be forced to endure.

In addition to starving living animals, there were a deceased decaying kitten and a dead festering rodent on the floor, as well as used syringes and other drug paraphernalia.

“The scene was extremely unpleasant to search.

It was a particularly distressing experience for the officer who had to sort through and evaluate each image, something that will remain with him forever.

The Diocese of Chichester reported that Renshaw was promptly suspended after police searched his residence, and he has not been active in ministry since.

Dr. Martin Warner, bishop of Chichester, stated that the diocese worked closely with Sussex Police throughout the investigation.

Mr. Renshaw was in possession of thousands of pornographic images, according to a church spokesman.

“Following his conviction, further action will now be taken against him under the Clergy Discipline Measure.”

Renshaw was given eight concurrent sentences of four years, two years, one year, four years, two years, one year, and two terms of three months each.

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