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Quran Teacher Asgar Violated Two Boys

Muhammad Asgar

Muhammad Asgar, 68, a teacher at Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre, of Goldwell Road, Thornton Heath, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for sexual violence that escalated to the attempted rape against one boy, and the routine sexual abuse of another. He left them with ‘severe psychological harm’ and violated their trust.

Croydon Crown Court heard how the abuse spanned a three year period, with the first boy victimised several times, which included forcible kissing with tongue. He would also force the boy to sit on his lap while he was very erect, and on one occasion, he event bent him over a sofa and pulled down his bottoms and underwear.

The second victim, under the age of 13, was sexually abused in his own home and said he has ‘suppressed’ the memories, struggles to trust people, and has been left with his education in ruins.

“The incidents that occurred, despite the attempt to suppress the memories and feeling, unfortunately affected my life in different ways. They had an effect on my mental state especially at the time of my A-levels. I felt unmotivated to do anything and wanted to keep to myself.”

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