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Rainham residents moved into hotels due to water outage

Rainham residents into hotels

Rainham residents of Harvest Court, Orchard Village, have been temporarily housed in hotels due to a water outage that has persisted at the same time as a broken lift. These issues have caused great distress to local residents.

Clarion Housing, that manages the properties, has said that residents on the ground and first floors have been relocated “as we have isolated their water supply”.

“We expect the works required to reinstate the water supply to be complete this week,” a spokesperson for the housing association said.

The Court’s lifts have not been working since mid-February and Clarion Housing have admitted it will take further repairs to resolve the issue.

Michelle Stevens, 34, of Harvest Court, is 8 months pregnant and said she has needed her friends to bring her groceries and daily necessities as it is too distressing for her to move around without the lift.

Michelle said: “Everytime I climb up the stairs I literally feel like I am going to collapse.” 

Natasha Smith, a mother of 3 young children, with one only being a newborn baby, describes being forced to leave her home overnight with little time to prepare and make adequate arrangements.

She said: “I said I couldn’t do it because it was too late. My children were in bed.”

Natasha was rushed to a hotel in Southwark the next day to a room she describes as inadequate for her and her family, as it did not have a microwave, fridge, a proper sink, or a place for her to properly use her sterilister.

Natasha said: “I can’t physically stay here. It is too hard. The room is tiny, my autistic daughter really struggled here.”

The room had space for only one of her cots, so one of her babies was forced to sleep on her bed.

She was promised food for two adults and two kids but did not receive any food for her children.

A spokesperson for Clarion Housing said: “Clarion is paying for these residents to stay in local hotels and we are providing additional food vouchers and other support as required.

“Our priority is to complete the repairs and move people back into their homes as soon as we can.”

The association previously apologised to Harvest Court residents about the lift outage and admitted: “It has taken far longer to resolve than we would hope and expect.”

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