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Rapist Hanlon ‘made victim wear dog collar and sleep in dog bed’

Scott Hanlon

Scott Hanlon, 35, has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for three sexual offences charges and two counts of domestic abuse charges. He abused young people who accepted offers to live at his address in Scotland, with some moving from London.

Two victims suffered abusive, controlling behaviour which left them petrified of Scott Hanlon. One was a teenager with a debilitating health condition, meaning he was particularly vulnerable to Hanlon’s attacks and felt unable to defend himself.

One victim was autistic. Hanlon paid for his journey from London, met him at the train station, and once inside his flat, immediately fitted him with a dog collar and tag. He described him as “very aggressive”, and that he was made to sleep in a dog bed in the cupboard while wearing the dog collar and neoprene puppy mask permanently.

Hanlon would rape him while pulling on the dog collar, whipping him, and carving letters into his back with a scalpel.

The prosecution said the following: “Scott Hanlon manipulated vulnerable people – much younger than himself – for his own depraved ends. The victims endured appalling ordeals while being controlled and manipulated. It has taken great bravery on their part to speak out against him and report the crimes.

“We hope today’s sentence offers them some degree of comfort as they attempt to move on in their lives. We urge any victim of similar offending to come forward, report it and seek help. You will be taken seriously, and we will use all the tools available to us to pursue justice on your behalf.”

Detective Inspector Forbes Wilson, of the Forth Valley public protection unit from Police Scotland, said: “I welcome the sentencing of Scott Lannister, who will now face the consequences for these degrading, violent attacks. Sexual crimes, of any nature, will not be tolerated. I would urge anyone who wishes to report an offence of this nature to come forward, regardless of the passage of time. We will investigate it thoroughly and you will be fully supported by officers and our partner agencies.”

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