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Rapper Tion Wayne ‘hacked’ as explicit videos and unreleased songs leak

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Tion Wayne hacked and nudes leak

Edmonton-based rapper Tion Wayne, real name Dennis Junior Odunwo, has reportedly been ‘hacked’ and intimate videos of him with several women in varying states of undress are circulating the internet, mostly trending on Twitter, Reddit, and adult entertainment websites.

It appears his Apple iCloud was unlawfully accessed, allowing an unknown party to extract all his multimedia including unreleased music and private photos and videos with sexual partners.

Twitter was in a furor around the time his content was ‘leaked’ as it naturally surprised many to see such a high-profile rapper fall victim to such a ploy.

On May 25th Tion Wayne released the following statement.

Tion Wayne's statement on Twitter

Although many of the videos do show his face and clearly feature his voice, he argues some do not involve him. Tion previously challenged his attacker, claiming he will be going to prison and that this is a massive ‘violation’.

Wayne speaking to his hacker
A conversation between the two in private messages

The unknown party claiming responsibility for the attack released the following video on social media claiming he will release more of Wayne’s unreleased music.

This scandal comes as Wayne was riding the success of his recent hit Healing which sees him return to his gritty drill sound that has skyrocketed him to commercial fame in recent years. It features scenes from his roots in Africa and a eerie instrumental that the industry has grown to love.

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