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Rodney ‘locked woman in her bedroom and demanded sex’

Desmond Rodney

Desmond Rodney, 46, of Hollar Road, N16 was convicted of rape and sentenced on the 28th of April at Wood Green Crown Court to 8 and a 1/2 years imprisonment.

In September 2022, the victim, who Rodney knew, went to a North London police station and told detectives that he had raped her at her Hackney house. She reportedly informed police that he had confined her in her bedroom if she refused to submit to his sexual demands.

Later that day, Rodney was detained, but he rejected the charges, stating that they had had consensual intercourse.

In an victim impact statement read out in court, the victim said: “Mostly I try to forget what happened because it was such a horrible experience and I try to block out the details of how I was attacked but it was so traumatising that I simply can’t.

“I remember thinking at the time, ‘Why me? Why me?’ and that hasn’t changed, I still often think ‘Why me? Why did he abuse me? Why did he attack me in such a nasty way?’ Because of what he did to me, he has screwed me up and spoiled any potential trust or positive outlook I could have with others.

“I feel grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be heard and although I despise him for making me go to court rather than admit what he did, I am glad I was able to put my account across and that the jury listened to me and believed me when I told them I was raped.”

Special precautions were put in place to enable the victim give testimony in court, including a screen so she couldn’t see the offender, to make her feel more comfortable. A specialist Sexual Offences Investigation Trained (SOIT) officer offered frequent updates on the investigation and described how the process would go, according to police.

Detective Inspector Chris Heathcote, who leads the Sapphire unit investigating serious sexual offences in Hackney said: “Rodney denied the offences and clearly thought he would be able to get away with his crimes. However the evidence gathered by our team and crucially the account given by the victim in court meant the jury could see through his lies and found him guilty.

“The victim in this case showed real bravery, not only in reporting Rodney to police but in coming to court and reliving what had happened to her. We are extremely pleased she felt able to do so and that she has now seen justice served. We hope this encourages others who have been subject to rape or sexual assault to come forward and speak to our specialist teams.”

Rodney was sentenced to prison, granted a ten-year restraining order on the victim, and was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

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