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Romford nurse assaulted woman being raped


Olamida Oluwajana, a nursing associate, of Romford, has been fired after he was sentenced to two years imprisonment – suspended for two years – after sexually assaulting a woman who was being raped.

The victim arrived at a house where she thought she would be attending a party, but it was a ruse to get her to the property alone. She eventually entered a bedroom and engaged in consensual sex with one man, but an Eloi Sesay then took this man’s place and raped her.

While this rape was occurring, Oluwajana entered the room and sexually assaulted her. The victim made desperate attempts to escape and was successful, then travelling to a friend’s home and later reporting the rape.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council had the following to say: “nursing associates occupy a position of privilege and trust in society and are expected at all times to be professional and to maintain professional boundaries”.

The report continued: “Patients and their families must be able to trust nursing associates with their lives and the lives of their loved ones. To justify that trust, nursing associates must be honest and open and act with integrity. They must make sure that their conduct at all times justifies both their patients’ and the public’s trust in the profession.”

The panel concluded that Mr Oluwajana’s conviction, resulting from a serious sexual offence, had ‘breached the fundamental tenets of the professions and therefore brought its reputation into disrepute’.

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