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Romford parent assessment unit in Brentwood Road

Romford parent assessment unit

A property in Brentwood Road, can now be used as a place where parents and an infant can live for up to 12 weeks to allow for close supervision of their parental fitness by qualified social works. This was decided by Havering Council on Thursday April 13th.

Children in Mind, an organisation dedicated to help vulnerable children and parents thrive in parenthood, will look after the wellbeing of the residents.

The Council decided on 11 conditions, and this includes a maximum of 5 families staying at any time, and a maximum of 2 children per family. If there are more than two children more rooms it will be approved if more rooms can be allocated for them.

The assessment unit will not only cater to Havering but also other boroughs, and a planning officer said the 11 conditions they’ve imposed will make the property suitable for this purpose.

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