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Romford’s Kadio ‘murdered man because he came from a different part of London’

Jeremiah Sewell

Godfrey Madondo, 20, of Colegrave Road, Peckham, and Kadjo Kadio, 18, of Friars Court, Romford, stand accused of murdering Jeremiah Sewell at a car park near Beckenham Place Park. They appeared at the Old Bailey today (7th June).

An alleged accomplice, Khelsi Johnson-Davies, 20, also stood in court, accused of perverting the course of justice by attempting to help the duo evade capture by disposing items used in the murder.

Opening the case, Prosecutor Alan Kent KC told the jury: “Jeremiah Sewell was stabbed to death while he was sitting in a car with some friends in that car park.

“The motive of the murder appears simply to be because he came from Beckenham, while the defendants come from Peckham.” 

The late Jeremiah met up with friends at a house on Friday, July 15th last year, and they drove around in their vehicles into the early hours of the morning of July 16th.

They decided to park in the car park and they stayed there, listening to music and socialising.

“At about 4.25am that morning fate had it that the defendants, the three of them, arrived in a black-coloured Vauxhall Astra,” Mr Kent said. 

Jeremiah’s posse identified Kadio, who occupied the rear seat of the Astra. Mr Kent declared to the court that Jeremiah and Kadio used to be pals, but they had an altercation.

The court heard that the driver of Jeremiah’s vehicle drove close to the Astra. Subsequently, Kadio got out of the Astra and went up to the back seat of the other vehicle, which Jeremiah was occupying with the back window left rolled down, according to Mr. Kent.

Madondo, who was wearing a balaclava, then also got out the Astra and approached Jeremiah’s car, it is alleged. 

“Someone from the victim’s group heard a question, a simple question asked of Jeremiah Sewell. What end’s you with? In other words, where you from?” Mr Kent said. 

“Jeremiah Sewell replied I’m a B-boy, meaning Beckenham. Within seconds of saying I’m a B-boy he was stabbed twice in the neck.” 

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According to the prosecution, Madondo stabbed Jeremiah Sewell.

Mr. Kent stated that the defendants fled the scene while Jeremiah’s friends transported him to Lewisham Hospital, where he died within an hour.

Police stopped the vehicle in which Kadio was a passenger later in the day for an unrelated matter, the court heard.

Mr. Kent stated that there was a suitcase in the trunk containing his passport and that he had booked a flight to Italy for 10 p.m. that evening.

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