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Romford’s Ohanweh ‘murdered rapper while wearing burka disguise’

Chibiuke Ohanweh

Chibiuke Ohanweh, 21, from Romford, has been arrested in connection with a double homicide of East London rappers on October 25th last year. He is the fifth man to stand accused of the carefully planned attack which employed the use of ‘burkas’ as a disguise.

Two counts of homicide and one count of attempted murder were brought against the accused. The allegations stem from an alleged incident in which a group of assailants wearing burkas forced their way into a home in Henley Road, Ilford, on the border with Essex.

The people living in the home blocked themselves in the bedroom, where it is rumored that 20 to 30 shots were fired through the entrance. Tragically, Saydi Abu Sheikh, aged 23, and Zakariya Jeilani Mohamed, 32, were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr. Mohamed, who rapped under the name Giddy, died of hypovolemic shock following stab and gunshots wounds to the torso. Mr. Sheikh, who rapped under the name Shifty, died of stab wounds to the torso. Another male, aged 30, was transported to the hospital in critical condition after sustaining severe injuries.

A short distance away, a Mitsubishi Outlander was abandoned and set on fire after the perpetrators fled the scene. Just after midnight, armed police and medical personnel responded to the scene on Henley Road after receiving a call.

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Tuesday, Ohanweh appeared before Judge Mark Lucraft KC at the Old Bailey for a preliminary hearing. Lisa Bald, the prosecutor, told the court, “This is a carefully planned group attack using religious clothing as disguises.”

The judge Lucraft scheduled a plea hearing for 4 July and a provisional trial for 23 October. Ohanweh, who only spoke to affirm his identity, was placed on remand and refused bail.

Four other London residents have already been prosecuted in connection with the gunshot incident. They are Ayaani Ali Adan, 20 years old, from Barking; Zain Mirza, 20 years old, from Newham; Mahad Gouled, 21 years old, from Enfield; and Zakarie Mohamed, 18 years old, from Kensington.

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