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Romford’s Walters charged in Tyler McDermott murder

Shernez Walters charged in Tyler McDermott murder

Shernez Walters, of Hendon Gardens, Romford, was charged with the murder of Tyler McDermott today (May 12) and is scheduled to appear later at Highbury Magistrates’ Court.

The day after police were summoned to Norman Road, Tottenham, in the early hours of April 13, a murder investigation was opened.

At the site, emergency personnel discovered Tyler, 17, suffering from a gunshot wound.

The adolescent was taken to the hospital, where he died on April 14.

A postmortem examination revealed that he died from a gunshot to the head. According to the police, his family continues to receive assistance from specialised officers.

His mother described her son as her “king” and said that her love for him would continue “forever”.

She said: “That’s not something I wish on any mother. But today I know that the Lord knows best despite the pain me, your stepdad, brothers and sister, and extended family are feeling.

“Just remember that you are loved, was loved, and forever love continues. My one and only son Tyler.

“You are with the Lord until that faithful day. Love you always.”

Another family member told police: “You touched so many hearts and for that reason your name will always live on.

“The good die young but Tye you didn’t deserve this, you deserved to accomplish everything you wanted but we will make sure your legacy lives on. Love you T.”

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