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Sex offender ‘begged for a second chance’ because conviction ‘made him lose everything’

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Urfan Arshad

Urfan Arshad, 44, of Weastell Street, Middlesbrough, sexually assaulted an adolescent girl on a train and was sentenced to more than eight years in prison following an investigation by the British Transport Police.

In January, he was convicted guilty of sexual assault following a trial.

In addition, he was ordered to register with the sex offenders registry for seven years.

On Friday, December 11, 2020, Arshad sat across from the victim, who was 17 at the time, on a Transpennine service to Middlesbrough, according to court testimony.

He initiated conversation with her before asking her personal questions, which she attempted to ignore.

Then, he leaned forward and took her phone, asking permission to make a call.

When he asked her to unlock it, she instead made a phone call to a friend, instructing her to read the messages she had sent earlier describing her fear of Arshad’s contact.

As the victim spoke with her friend, Arshad continued to stroke her leg under the table until she was able to move away.

The investigating officer, DC Stephen Hanlon, stated, “Arshad is a sexual predator, and he belongs behind bars. He continued his disgusting sexual assault despite his horrified victim’s desperate attempts to disengage and move away from him.

“Arshad’s actions left the victim feeling frightened and violated, and I commend her for her courage in reporting the incident and cooperating with our investigation. We hope that the sentence imposed will contribute to her recovery.

“We take seriously all reports of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual behaviour, and we will support victims throughout our investigations.”

Plea to judge

Speaking from Durham Prison, Arshad said: “Six months ago I had everything. I had money I had property and I had a family.

“For something that happened a year ago that’s captured on CCTV It’s changed my life. I’ve lost everything. I’ve relocated three times, been put on the sex offenders register, had my face smashed in, I’ve been stabbed and my family has disowned me.

“I want to become a better person. I want to take advantage of the time I’ve had in prison.

“I want to apologise to the girl and her family. I’ve lost everything due to this trial and it really has changed me.”

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