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“SexyLadyMassive has been my most distressing investigation yet”


SexyLadyMassive was subject to an investigation by Hailey Flynn, in the Transparency Project, and she spoke to us, at length, to discuss it in full.

SexyLadyMassive is led by Jolie Fortuna, of Brent, and we previously released a longform article discussing the numerous criminal accusations it faces.

Hailey describes various brands reaching out to her for her to shed light on her journey with the organised crime group after being startled by its findings. Articleft reached out, and so did Dailey Silicon Valley.

“I didn’t anticipate the severity of the criminality I encountered. Although, of-course, before heading into any endeavour I must have some degree of insight into what I’m investigating, the harrowing extent it transcended to was certainly beyond my wildest dreams.”

“I’m not saying it’s right, but I think sometimes we attribute certain crimes to men, and it comes as a surprise when you find out it’s actually a woman.”

“I’ve seen countless people’s horrified reactions to the article, as they cannot believe that a single person would wilfully engage in criminality on this scale.”

Hailey goes on to say that this may only be the beginning, and that she has plans to visit 8 allegations that she was unable to verify by the release of the article.

“I am currently engaged in activities will likely illuminate further criminality, but I cannot say much at this time.”

“I sincerely believe that the outcome should be a Criminal Behaviour Order, where the individual in question is barred for engaging in work in the events industry in any capacity. The current consequences, in my opinion, are not enough when you examine the totality of her conduct.”

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