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SexyLadyMassive’s Criminal Group: Jolie Fortuna

  • The DJ turned OCG head has been inundated with allegations
  • 10 people have come forward thus far
  • Claims include sexual abuse of a minor
  • The public have pushed for a Criminal Behaviour Order

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SexyLadyMassive (SLM) is lead by Jolie Fortuna, of 195 Harlesden Road, NW10 3SD, and it was formerly known as SocialNusense, an organised crime group that was the largest organiser of illegal music events during the COVID-19 lockdown. Fortuna led a criminal organisation that flooded minors with drugs and alcohol, was inundated with allegations of child sexual assault, wreaked havoc on local communities, and ultimately led to the murder of Jason Nyarko.

After the Metropolitan Police dismantled the SocialNusense operation and the heat was building around the Jason Nyarko murder, Jolie Fortuna rebranded SocialNusense into SexyLadyMassive in an effort to save her reputation, avoid the heat surrounding her organised crime group as others began to be charged and convicted, and deceive people into thinking she is not ‘pro-criminal’.

Upon researching Sexy Lady Massive and seeing their idealistic mission you may applaud the alleged vision for women’s safety and liberation in the dark nightlife space, but a deeper dive into the disingenuous movement, its exploitative leader, and its murky history uncovers an even more dangerous threat to the safety of women than what they aim to combat.

It is alleged and well-documented that Fortuna is a serial enabler of the abuse of females, using her position to deceive vulnerable young girls into believing they are safe in her care, and the spaces she creates. She is also, openly, a serial defamer of people who have not had their day in court, or a chance to defend themselves, and she has frequently toed the line of charges for malicious communication.

Jolie P (Jolie Fortuna) on Dirty House Rescue
Jolie Fortuna appeared on Dirty House Rescue. She also uses the aliases Jolie P and Missy P (Image: Channel 4)

Fortuna claims Sexy Lady Massive ‘started in late 2021’ – coincidentally around the time of Jason’s murder – and that its aim is for ‘everyone to feel safe’, yet, as part of our Transparency Project, we have spoken to 10 people of varying age groups who have visited her events or worked with her, and they all make startling accusations.

All 10 people accuse Jolie of selling and pressuring them, as minors, into consuming excessive amounts of dangerous drugs, alcohol, enabling sexual abuse, and document her role in the murder of Jason Nyarko, between 2020-2023. One male individual, aged 14 at the time, accused Jolie of being an escort and pressuring him into sex outside his school gates.

Jolie has previously said, in a statement, that: “I’m sorry that you’ve never been invited to any parties and wouldn’t be welcome at any of these events. At least you can take comfort from trying to pretend that everyone had a bad time and nearly got raped, or whatever.”

Her complete disregard for the gravity of her conduct, and trauma she inflicted upon young people is damning, however, we did not expect any different due to the accounts from the people we’ve spoken to.

We later contacted her and attempted to put all 10 accounts to her for her to present her side. Flustered, she refused and said any further contact would be harassment.

We spoke to The D Foundation, a charity that runs underground-culture-focused ASBO magazine and previously endorsed the OCG, and they previously severed professional ties with Fortuna. We are currently awaiting responses to our approach for comment from several other organisations.

ASBO magazine endorsed Jolie P
ASBO magazine use charitable funds to support creative young people (Image: OC)

Around summer of 2021, when Fortuna should’ve been celebrating her ‘new’ movement SLM, people spoke about a discontent, an unrest beneath her surface.

Far from the energetic, full of life woman we all knew, perhaps – and just perhaps – Jolie P was apprehensive about the progress of the investigations she was submerged in, and what lie in wake for her.

Unbeknownst to us, an investigative journalist was in communication with both Kieran South – her developer – and Fortuna, and would later announce to the world that she had a wealth of evidence to substantiate “serious allegations of criminal conduct”.

DJ turned SexyLadyMassive CEO

Jolie P aspires to be a nationally-recognised DJ, and is frequently seen at Brixton Radio and XOYO. She is primarily associated with jungle music, a genre of dance music that emerged out of the UK rave scene.

In 2020, Jolie P took her ambitions one step further and formed the organised crime group SocialNusense with Heathfield’s Kieran South, a web developer of Social-Ability. While most of the UK locked themselves in their homes, longed for their loved ones, and mourned losses from afar, they, together, selfishly became the largest national organiser of illegal music events during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

This has been tentatively discussed here.

Many girls aged 12-18 described sexual assaults by older men while Jolie P turned a blind eye and endorsed it, many described how she flooded her venues with drugs and alcohol, and one of their events made global headlines for the murder of Jason Nyarko, which some detail as being, in part, due to her. We will get to this.

Jolie P's social links
Before renaming it SexyLadyMassive, Fortuna used the following marketing material

Jason Nyarko’s murder at a SexyLadyMassive event

On 26th June 2021, Jason Nyarko, 26, of Lewisham was raving at an illegal music event held by SLM on Stockholm Road, not far from Millwall Football Club’s stadium. A 16 year old boy fatally stabbed him, and evidence previously shared with the world, but most recently seen by The Evening Wiki, show that the murder stemmed from a disagreement with Fortuna herself.

Missy P was in a ‘rageful’ and ‘distressed’ state after feeling ‘disrespected’ by Nyarko’s associates, and she called for him to be ‘taught a lesson’. After his death, people began to come forward in waves to speak out against against her OCG, and Missy P’s partner, Kieran South took all of his personal websites offline in addition to SocialNusense’s and began disassociating himself from the OCG.

Kieran South Heathfields website
Kieran South, of Heathfield, placed this message on the SocialNusense website

A close associate of Fortuna’s, in account 1 of our 10, worked with her at Wicked Student Nights where nightlife events were hosted for students, discussed how Fortuna would ‘boast’ about how much money she would make from ‘stick ups’, and how easy they were to accomplish. The Evening Wiki has been played an audio recording of a conversation. ‘Stick ups’ are the practice of holding up an event to rob all attendees.

It is this same associate that co-operated with an investigative journalist throughout 2021 to bring forward the evidence of the dispute Missy P had just prior to the fatal attack on Jason Nyarko

Jolie Fortuna was later removed from her role at Wicked Student Nights and then began to engage in defamation against the company. She attempted to claim that she “was not paid” for her work and made serious allegations that have never been proven or even subject to a court process.

Missy P at Wicked Student Nights
Jolie was sacked from Wicked Student Nights (Image: OC)

This associate was horrified at her comments, particularly because Nyarko’s family was still clearly grieving their loss. It was only in May 2022 that the family paid tribute to Jason in the aftermath of the sentencing handed to Fortuna’s 16 year old friend convicted of his murder. This associate makes it clear she is unsure if to ‘teach him a lesson’ was to simply initiate a ‘beating’ or something more.

SexyLadyMassive’s CEO in child sexual assault allegations

Around the time of Jason Nyarko’s murder, another associate of Fortuna’s exposed that she was an escort prostituting herself on Craiglist. The Craiglist adverts featured highly pornographic photos with her genitalia exposed, describing that she is “amazing with her mouth” and “that soft warm thing between her soft smooth thighs”. We have been provided with a screenshot of the account.

Missy P's escorting profile

After the account was exposed, a 14 year old boy spoke out about a harrowing experience he had with Fortuna outside the gates of his secondary school. Initially shared on social media in 2021, the young boy describes how Fortuna saw him walk out of the school and followed him.

She said she was a ‘working girl’ and for some “small change” she would give him a “fun time”. He repeatedly declined and she repeatedly insisted. He openly admitted online that he was a virgin and hadn’t done much sexually with a female before, although he didn’t say this to Jolie at the time.

This went on for approximately ten minutes, and he then describes how she pushed herself against him, and in that moment, he gave in ‘just so she would stop’. She proceeded to give him oral sex, and this went on for a while.

She then tried to have full sexual intercourse with him in a nearby park but he says he ‘could not get properly aroused’ so they stopped, and that she continued to perform ‘other sexual acts’ on him.

When she decided time was up, she made him pay her and she took off. He says this day ‘ruined’ his feelings towards sex, and that he felt deeply humiliated and embarrassed about the whole ideal. Having spoken to him ourselves, he says he still struggles with sexual intimacy to this day.

SexyLadyMassive enabled the sexual assault of minors

SocialNusense created a dangerous environment where the sexual assault of teenage girls was rife, and several people are outspoken about how Fortuna and her ‘staff’ turned a blind eye to it or was involved in it themselves.

As discussed in our previous article, one girl, aged 16 at the time, described how a friend of Fortuna’s inner circle, aged 40 at the time, drugged her, violently sexually violated her, and left her on the floor of a road near the venue they illegally used.

A stranger saw her there after looking through her house’s window at night, due to hearing shouting in the street. He went down after some time and asked if she was okay, but she was slurring her words and going in and out of consciousness, he says. The victim says she has never recalled much of that night, but recalls some.

What she was able to recall terrified her, and she reported the matter initially to members in the ‘SocialNusense’ community, but they dismissed her and called it ‘a good time’. The alleged perpetrator was seen at most events after this incident, and Fortuna called the victim a ‘liar’.

The victim says the only reason she was able to be isolated away from her friends on that night was because she trusted the SocialNusense group, and specifically, Fortuna. This was the first event she attended of theirs, and she believes the perpetrator used his reputation in the rave community to carry out the attack.

A Missy P rave
Pictures of the event (Image: OC)

Another girl, aged 17 at the time, describes how a man who she believes was 30-40 held a bladed article to her stomach and demanded that she follow him to a corner of the venue and give him oral sex. She describes how other people ‘cheered him on’ and people laughed and moved away to ‘leave them to it’.

She says she felt scared and disgusted but knew he was serious and could not tell how he would react if she did not comply. After it was done she stormed out of the venue and burst into tears. Eventually she made her way home.

Days later she saw footage of the event online and clearly saw her attacker. She sent screenshots and her story to Fortuna and other ‘staff’ yet their response was she should have said something at the time, and because she didn’t they are not in a position to believe her and will not be taking any action at all.

At this same event, another girl, aged 14 at the time, describes how Fortuna was selling very large amounts of Ketamine, and pressured her into having some; even giving her lots for free. She explains how she was clearly ‘out of it’ yet Fortuna preyed on her vulnerability and seemed to ‘get off on it’.

Later this night, a male in his early 20s repeatedly put his hands into her underwear as she was powerless to stop him. For hours he sexually assaulted her and when the event was over he left her in a corner of the venue. She remembers telling him “no” and to “stop” but he did not care.

She describes regretting letting Fortuna pressure her into taking the drugs, and that it was clear for all to see she was in no position to accept any further substances or alcohol. Her experience paints Fortuna in a predatory light, and certainly questions whether an individual facing such allegations should be allowed to be responsible for the safety of young people.

Further allegations of harassment and defamation

Jolie Fortuna has a large social media following due to her events work. An associate of Fortuna’s describes how Fortuna tried to “ruin a man’s life” – not the one we’ve already discussed – by spreading the false allegation that the man was a serial sex offender, in acts similar to Eleanor Williams.

Missy P acted like Eleanor Williams
Eleanor Williams was sentenced to 8 1/2 years for making fake rape and grooming allegations against Asian men

Fortuna created a false social media post that alleged this man to be a serial sex offender and accused him of specific sexual crimes – not against her – despite him never being investigated, arrested, charged, or convicted of these crimes. This was a man Fortuna had never met or spoken to, and had no mutual friends with. It was a complete stranger.

Not only did she make this social media post, she endeavored to share it onto as many platforms as possible, and it included his name, address, place of work, phone number, several photos – including intimate ones – social media accounts, and where he attended university. She later ‘teamed up’ with several other people to increase the publicity in efforts to make the allegations trend on social media.

The man was only able to bring an end to his turmoil by taking the people he had enough evidence against to court and he was granted damages and a restraining order against them. There has never been a clear motivation for why Fortuna did this to him. Fortuna’s associate who described this to us also says she too does not know why Fortuna targeted this man.

Fortuna even hacked into this man’s social media accounts and found intimate photos and videos he shared with previous sexual partners, and then began sending this to random females directly and in group chats in fake copycat profiles set up to convincingly appear to be him.

When sharing the posts on social media she requested that harm and violence be brought upon him. She said her gang-affiliated male friends – the ones distributing drugs and alcohol and would ‘stick up’ rave attendees – would be visiting his home address when he isn’t expecting it.

We attempted to contact this man directly but he did not respond to our approach for comment. However, we have spoken to countless people in the rave community who witnessed this unfold and due to how convincing it was, actually believed Fortuna. Upon reflection they no longer do. For legal reasons we cannot post evidence of Fortuna’s conduct.

Sexy Lady Massive attacked Wheller too
The D Foundation is a charity that provides hands-on creative industry experience for unemployed people (Image: OC)

Davide Wheller, Head of The D Foundation, previously endorsed Fortuna’s events but explained they too were hacked and held for ransom and have since removed all articles related to her. They were forced to recruit a cybersecurity company to regain access to their files and servers and reported the matter to the Metropolitan Police for investigation.

SexyLadyMassive’s dangerous environment

Sexy Lady Massive’s events throughout 2020-2021 were run by gang members. Their so-called ‘security’ were people with publicly known gang affiliations, and if they were challenged in any way, would brutally attack attendees.

A female, aged 18 at the time, describes how her bisexual boyfriend was savagely attacked by a tall, muscular, bald-headed black man who was masquerading as a ‘security guard’ at one of their events. When he was being allowed in, she says they noticed he was staring him in the eyes with great intensity, almost as if he was ‘staring him down’, but he didn’t say a word.

Much later in the event, he began socialising with some men at the events while his girlfriend was elsewhere. They began to joke with one another, and as they did, they recall hearing the man say the homophobic slur “f***t”. He asked him what he said, and the guard immediately punched him in the face. More ‘staff’ noticed what was going on and pulled the victim away and ushered him out of the event.

He was left with a significantly discoloured left eye and required medical treatment. The victim suffered significant abdominal pain from being kicked on the floor, and remembers his attacker saying “this is what I’m saying”.

He felt there was no point reporting the matter to the police because he had no way of finding the guard’s personal information, and was fearful of repercussions because it was an illegal music event.

The victim had the following to say: “Never in my life have I been attacked or verbally abused for my sexuality. To this day, I do not know why he attacked me, and in that moment I genuinely thought I would not make it home safely.

“For a while, the attack me feel shameful about myself. I questioned whether I should have behaved differently on that day.”

Sexy Lady Massive sold ketamine
Ketamine is a medication commonly used as a horse tranquillizer

A woman, only being referred to as Michelle, is active and well-respected in the rave community today. She used to attend Sexy Lady Massive with a group of female friends frequently, and was 14 when she attended one of their events for the first time, and described the process for the supply of illegal substances such as Ketamine, Cocaine, and LSD.

“There were what was basically bars where you would could buy alcoholic drinks, but you would also go there to get a buzz. I think more people went there for Ketamine than drink to be honest.

“It was very straightforward. You just told them what you wanted and the people behind the bar sorted you out. We all know people sell drugs at raves but with SLM it was a different level. It was just such a well-done set-up it’s like the whole event was set-up to sell people drugs.”

“Also, nobody cared how young I was. At other events I’ve been to people definitely care more about who they are selling to. I had just turned 14. And there was this constant pressure to take more and more and more.”

“When I look back what concerns me the most is that, the moment I went down, it was like I put a target on my back. The older men behind the bar would start trying to talk to me, get really close, and try to touch me, because they know I am or will be later under the influence.”

“I know they wanted to use me and violate me.”

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